100 Percent Winners Review

by Alex on March 31, 2011

100 Percent Winners Review

Imagine if there was a program that could guarantee you a profit every time you bet on a sporting event. How awesome would that be? Well, with 100 Percent Winners you could find out how awesome it is. I thought hey, if a product says it’s going to make me money every time, I’m going to try it, and that’s exactly what I did. Clickbank gives you a money back guarantee, so I knew if it didn’t work I could just go get my money back.

The first bet I made was on a CFL football. Now, I don’t really know about Canadian Football (I like American Football way better), but the bet had a 35% return, so I went for it, and put $1000 down. With the 35% I was guaranteed a $350 dollar profit, and that’s what I received. Pretty crazy, huh?

Of course, 35% was just pure luck because most of the bets are in the 4-10% range, but still placing a couple of bets can lead you to a couple hundred a day. It doesn’t even take that long either. I think I logged in, placed a couple of bets, and made $120 dollars in a half hour. Pretty damn good I thought.

I usually never bet because I am a skeptical person. I kind of figured that 100 Percent Winners was a scam, but I’m open minded, I’ll give it a try. I have honestly never been happier with a product, ever, period.

How Does 100 Percent Winners Work?

Have you ever heard of arbitrage? Well, if you have that’s how it works. If you haven’t, think of it like this, say you can buy gold in New York for $1350, and in London for $1450. Well you will make a $100 profit if you buy from New York and sell in London. Guaranteed.

It’s basically the same with sports. Bookies that make odds all look at matches in a different way, causing them to place different odds. Now the program 100 Percent Winners scans all the bookie’s odds and calculates them together to form a 100 percent winning combination. You could try this by yourself, but it would take forever and be an insane amount of work. 100 Percent Winners does it instantly right in front of your face.

How Much Does 100 Percent Winners Cost?

100 Percent Winners costs $149, which may seem like a lot of money at first, but if you are like me, and get lucky on the first test you will make that back pretty quickly. Even if you don’t, the program will pay itself off within a week. If you want 100 Percent Winners will send you a SMS straight to your phone for $57 a month. If you are always on the move or want to be the first to know about a bet, this is definitely for you.

This product is amazing, I guarantee you that. If you are skeptical or just want to try it, you can always return it for your money back, no questions asked. However, you will definitely not want to do this. The product only has a 1% return rate so you know it works. I hope you found this 100 Percent Winners review helpful when deciding if you want to purchase this product. Have fun and make tons of money!

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