Affiliate Millionaire Review

by David on June 24, 2011

Andrew Fox, one the most popular online affiliate marketers is the creator of Affiliate Millionaire. He is well known for creating top selling Clickbank products like Dominating CB, and Affiliate X Factor. He also created CB Quantum which brought in $1.3 million.

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Affiliate Millionaire was developed by Andrew to provide you with the exact tools that Andrew has used over the many past years to rake in millions of dollars in affiliate sales.

The thing I really like about the course is that Andrew Fox is teaching the course himself. Having over 10 years in knowledge and having connections with the top Internet marketers in the world, plus having a great speaking personality makes him the prime pick to be creating a course like this. He has built great relationships with his customers, which buy from him again and again. He does this by over delivering in every product he creates.

Marketing online, I’m sure you can tell, isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But using the guidance and tools that Andrew can provide you with will increase your chances of having thousand dollar paydays, from sales of affiliate products.

Right after purchasing the course, you will receive a ton of valuable material. You will get 7 DVD modules in which he will be covering the following:

Affiliate Millionaire DVD Modules Contain:

Researching Markets with Hungry Buyers: This is always step one, and is empirically important because getting this step wrong makes every following step fail.

Building a List: This is Andrew’s number one expertise. He probably knows more about email marketing and listbuilding than anyone in the world. This module contains a bonus from Ryan Diess of Undercover List Profits.

Building a Relationship: Here Andrew talks about the “Correlation Connection” which is a method that he uses with customers to find psychological triggers that will get them to continue buying from you over and over.

Pre-launch Pages: Pre-launch pages are very important, and he will show you why in this video module.

Bonuses: Find out which types of bonuses will boost your conversions.

Launch Day Promotions: Your launch date is something that should be carefully planned, it shouldn’t just be when your product is finished. He goes over which steps to follow to launch correctly, and how to sequence your events to generate the most sales.

Integrated Affiliate Marketing: Methods dealing with autoresponder swaps, members access areas, and attracting buyer leads is talked about here.

These are the 7 key topics that are covered in the modules, but obviously that not all that is in Affiliate Millionaire.

He also reveals the $Million Email Swipe File, Covert Module Assignments, and over 10 squeeze page templates that can be customized that have all been approved by Andrew.

Experienced marketers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from Affiliate Millionaire. Anyone trying to build subscriber lists, or launching products will have it so much easier with the tools that Andrew Fox provides in this product. If you want a huge list of hungry buyers, and feel like having massive paydays from affiliate commissions, I urge you to check out Affiliate Millionaire.

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