Amazing Resume Creator Review

by Alex on July 11, 2011

This is my complete, unbiased Amazing Resume Creator review.

When trying to get a job nowadays you need a fantastic resume. Your resume has to stand out from all of the other people applying for that job, especially in this tight economy. Amazing Resume Creator is a product software designed to help you create the ultimate resume. Keep reading for my full Amazing Resume Creator review.

Amazing Resume Creator is a software was developed by a man named Jim Sweeny. He has been studying and helping people get jobs for years, and has written over 250 articles all on the job search topic. He is truly an expert in the career search field. Jim also owns his own company where people apply, so he reads people’s application all the time.

He noticed that people had the most trouble with their resumes, so he created this product to help all of those people make amazing resumes that were guaranteed to land them a spot in the company. He claims that a resume is not really a resume, but actually a sales letter, which makes complete sense if you think about it. He says with his product you will be making tons of job interview “sales”. Let’s see.


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How does Amazing Resume Creator work?

Amazing Resume Creator works very simply; it is a software that creates you an amazing job-worthy resume. Once you purchase Amazing Resume Creator you get a download link, which you use to download the software. The download only takes a few minutes, so you basically get this product instantly after purchase.

With Amazing Resume Creator you pick a template from the various ones available, fill in some of the questions it asks you, and it will automatically generate you a resume. It literally takes a few minutes to create a resume and you can create as many as you want with this product, which was a huge plus in my opinion.

You can use the Amazing Resume Creator to generate you the perfect resume specifically for the job you are applying to. It can be used for any position, no matter what the job level. You can also use it to create many special application letters to use for your career needs.

The reason the software creates such good resumes is because the resume will catch the eye of the employer. It words the resume in a way that keeps the employer focused on your resume while passing up on other peoples. I really can’t give away exactly how it words the resumes, but they definitely sell to you. These resumes will get the foot in the door, which is exactly what you are aiming for. Remember, all resumes have to do is land you an interview.

You will be able to upload any of the resumes you create into Microsoft Word, Notebook, or TextEdit, so you can easily edit or correct any mistakes you might find.

Bonuses you will be receiving!

You also get three bonus eBooks with your purchase of the Amazing Resume Creator. Each is useful in its own way to landing you the actual job and even help you afterwords.

The first eBook is called “Top Three Award-Winning Resume Cover Letter Templates”. Jim Sweeney’s company held a cover letter contest for fun and the top three, chosen by Jim himself, are included in this short eBook. You will also have access to these three cover letters in Microsoft Word, so that you can just write in your own personal information and make them your own. If you want more help on your cover letter check out Amazing Cover Letters written by the same guy, with tons more information than what’s included in this bonus mini-eBook. You can also check out my Amazing Cover Letters review for information about this product.

The second eBook, which I found the most helpful is called “Amazing Job Interview Success!” It goes absolutely perfect with the main product, Amazing Resume Creator, because once the resume lands you an interview; you are going to need some killer tips to snag the job. The book teaches you 10 secrets to job interviews, how to use personality to gain an advantage in an interview, how to act during the interview, what not to do during the interview, and how to handle all the tough questions the interviewer will ask. Trust me; you will use this bonus more than the others.

The third eBook is called “The ‘BIG 3’ Salary Negotiation Secrets”. I never actually used this because I’ve never asked for a raise before, but I did give the eBook a read and it sounds pretty legit. While Jim Sweeney has done tons of research on getting the job, he has also done research about salaries and how to negotiate for them. He has helped some people make $1000s of extra dollars with these methods. With this eBook you get his best three tips for scoring that raise.

My Experience with Amazing Resume Creator

Most jobs require that you hand in a resume when you apply, even minimum wage jobs. I remember when I applied to become a pizza delivery boy; I didn’t get hired because I didn’t include a resume with my application. Sounds extremely weird, but it’s completely true. My brother even handed in a resume for a job at McDonalds.

Now when, and if, I apply for a job, I write up a resume to accompany my application. I recently applied for a position at a company I used to work for, and even though everyone there knows me, I included a resume just in case. I got the call for the job, but I didn’t know if it was the resume or because I’ve been there before. So, I used the product to create resumes to apply to other jobs. I applied to five different places and got a call from each place. Obviously, I turned them down, but that’s beside the point. The best part about getting all those calls was that I would have been able to choose which job I would’ve liked the best. With this economy you rarely have that opportunity.

How did I create these amazing job-grabbing resumes? With Amazing Resume Creator.

I would definitely recommend anyone that needs help creating the perfect resume to check out Amazing Resume Creator. Be careful with how many places you apply to because you WILL be getting job interview calls. If you found this Amazing Resume Creator review helpful I would be grateful if you filled out out a comment below. Also, if you purchased this product let me know how it works for you, also using the comments below.


Read more about The Amazing Resume Creator on the OFFICIAL site!

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Frankie July 11, 2011 at 4:13 pm

Hey, I just want to let you know that I have used this product before and I’m going to write my story because you asked people to write one if they used it.

Most reviews I’ve seen out there sound like they were just written to make sales and the people had really never tried the Amazing Resume Creator. Alex, I would just like to thank you, because this is the first review that describes everything perfectly. I can definitely tell that you purchased this product and tried it out before you wrote a review on it.

I just want to say that this is completely legit. I actually purchased Amazing Resume Creator a couple of weeks ago after I was laid off from my drafting job. I’ve worked at that place for 15 years, so I’ve kind of forgotten how to create a decent looking resume. At first, I was going to have someone professionally write one for me, but that cost almost $300 and I did not want to pay that. I did some research and came across this product.

I purchased this product anyway because I was getting desperate for a job and almost everywhere wanted a resume from me. At first, you get into the software and you can choose different templates and stuff, some are pretty cool, and some are designed for specific jobs. You might say something about being able to get templates in Microsoft Word too, but trust me, these templates are far better and you have a much larger selection of them.

After you choose a template, you are asked a few questions. Some have suggestions about what you should put. The questions are easy things like name, address, you know stuff like that. Once you have the questions filled out the software whips up a nice little resume for you. This resume looked better than anything I had ever come up with. If I saw this on my desk, I would give myself the job. haha Seriously though, these resumes look great!

I turned in my application, along with resume and cover letter, to two different places. Much to my surprise I got my first call a week later, and the second call was a day after that. I set up both of the interviews on the same day, so I didn’t have to drive all over the town. This is where the bonus guide came in handy. One shows you what to do during a job interview, so that you are “guaranteed” the job.

The tips included in that bonus guide were fantastic! Alex’s review sums up what you get pretty good, but he doesn’t really say how amazing these tips are. Honestly, I can’t believe this came free with my purchase because you could sell that thing alone. It is filled with golden info like tips on what to do and what not to do, and how to answer those really hard questions they usually ask.

I read that interview guide before I went into my interview and I pretty much aced both of them. I got follow-up calls from each telling me that they wanted me to work for their company. And this is the best part. I actually got to negotiate with one of the companies for more money, so that they could have me and the other couldn’t. I got an extra $4 per hour, which I think is pretty fantastic.

The girl who hired me told me that my application was fantastic and really stood out from the rest of the people who had applied. I didn’t tell her how I actually created that resume, but I was definitely glad I purchased Amazing Resume Creator.

Anyone and everyone that is looking at this product asking yourself if it is a good idea to buy it, should go ahead and purchase it. You will not be disappointed and unemployment is nothing to laugh at. Use this to get a job. Seriously it works!

I was going to make this smaller, but I got a little carried away with it. Great review though, you definitely put some time into testing the product, unlike the majority of the sites out there.

Thanks again!


Alex July 11, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Hey Frankie,

I really appreciate the compliments. Yeah, I did get this product to test it out before I wrote a full review on it so that I knew exactly what was included.

That story is pretty great and I’m glad Amazing Resume Creator helped you land that job. It just really shows how much potential you have when you have a great resume, especially ones that are written that professionally. It’s pretty awesome that you got to pick between the two jobs and even more awesome that you got more money from one of them.

I hope a lot more people use Amazing Resume Creator to it’s fullest and find as much success as you did.

Thanks for the comment,



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