Auto Bet Wins Review

by Zach on August 15, 2011

Hey guys, this is my review of the Auto Bet Wins horse betting system created by Toby Maguire. This is a new horse system that has just been released, and is now available to the public.

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Horses were Toby’s life from his early teens. He learned most of the things he knew about horses from his grandfather. He started meeting with him at the local pub, and study the Racing Post to make their daily selections.

But after his grandfather died he really decided to do some serious betting. He studied everything. He studied betting placements, the theory and science behind horse betting, and way all the big shots made all of the money. He saw that people like him were always losing.

His Cousin Created Auto Bet Wins

But one day while reading the Racing Post, he found his cousin staring at him. Last he had heard he had been to London, working as some big shot in the government. Instead of working at the government, he had actually been making a living from horse racing.

He had become obsessed with the horse betting industry, and to alleviate the boredom from living in London, he started applying mathematical theories to horse racing. He had come back to meet Toby, because he wanted to make amends, and have him back in his life.

He is also limiting the amount of copies sold of Auto Bet Wins to 150. There will only be 150 copies of the system that are sold to the public. This is to keep down the competition, so that everyone doesn’t have the same advantage the Auto Bet Wins gives you. Toby washes away claims that this system is a scam system, and actually claims to be a genuine user of Auto Bet Wins, which earns him thousands of dollars each day.

He is passing along the software because he isn’t like the scammers that sell scam software. He is someone who cares about the people that have been cheated out of thousands of dollars by buying outdated systems. By giving away Auto Bet Wins, he is seeking revenge on the people selling the crap systems.

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