CB Niche Blueprint Review

by David on July 15, 2011

Hey guys, CB Niche Blueprint has just been launched, and this is going to be my honest review of the system. The course was created by Tony Sanders, Dylan Loh and Edmund Lohis. It is a jam packed Internet marketing course that contains 5 main modules and 12 sub modules.

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The first module gives you an introduction to niche marketing, and a lot of detailed information about finding niches. This module talks about how to start up your website, once you’ve figured out which niche your going to attack. This module will help teach you how to build your site into an authority site in your specific niche. It will teach you how to enter the market full steam ahead, so that you can quickly start earning an income.

The second module  of CB Niche Blueprint focuses on selling your product. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to be selling your own product, or promoting a product as an affiliate, this module will teach you how to start making sales. There are a lot of different ways to approach selling Clickbank, or other products online, but this module teaches you a very effective and proven plan.

Module number three talks about creating a sales page. It tells you about how a good sales page will make or break the sale, when a customer is on the page. This module will teach you how to write an effective sales page, and teach you how to become a successful copywriter. It also teaches you how to create a simple sales copy hosted on your website, and have it set up in minutes.

Module four goes over SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This module teaches you how to get your webpages listed in the search engines, and how to get them ranking above the competition. Unless you’re going to be advertising your product or service, you’re going to need to know how to get your site to rank for certain keywords, and this module will teach you how to do exactly that. CB Niche Blueprint teaches you how to do this through social media techniques, backlinking, and a lot of new methods that are good for ranking in today’s Google rankings.

The fifth module talks about getting people into your email lists, and how to send them emails correctly that drive sales and conversions. It also talks more about how affiliate marketing works, and more unique concepts about how to promote your website.

CB Niche Blueprint Sub Modules

The sub modules are where the action plans really start to take shape in this course. There are a lot of things in these modules which are worth mentioning here in this review. Sub module two I found very effective, because it gives you a 24 hour action plan for doing backlinking and SEO through a variety of different methods. These include some really solid free social bookmarking services and Web 2.0 properties that Google absolutely loves.

A lot of the sub modules focus on ranking, SEO, linkbuilding, and effective methods to automate these processes. I was glad to see this, because a lot of courses don’t have enough information about effective linkbuilding, and ranking methods.

I literally used one of these methods the other day, to try to get one of my reviews on this site ranking better, and it moved from the second page, to position number 4 on the first page, and this is a very competitive product review.

I recommend that you check out CB Niche Blueprint if you are looking for a system to get you started in building some successful niche websites online. It is a very comprehensive course, that includes a great blueprint which you can easily follow to start getting monthly commissions from Clickbank.

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