CB Surge Review

by David on April 14, 2011

CB Surge is a software program created by Brad Callen. In this honest CB Surge review I’m going to go over what it is, what it can be used for, and my opinion of it.

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Since the Clickbank analytics offered in the Clickbank marketplace are a little bare and incomplete, Brad has developed this product to help affiliates find products that they can compete for and develop marketing strategies around them. The software helps by finding products that are usually very difficult to locate because of their minimal competition and popularity, but that are making sales on a daily basis.

How CB Surge Works

You simply install the software, and go to the Clickbank marketplace, and the program will do its job. It will bring you a product list that includes good money making products. It not only saves time, but will find products that will make more money.

All the categories on Clickbank are supported by CB Surge. The software is compatible with both Mac and PC computers because it runs through your browser.

CB Surge will give you a short summary of a product, which can help you easily figure out which products will be most beneficial to promote. The software will also show product trends that take shape so you can get in on a product when it starts to go on the rise.

Another cool feature included in CB surge was the ability to have the software brainstorm keywords that are related to the products you decide to promote so you can optimize your promotional material and get traffic quickly.

Honestly, CB Surge takes a lot of thinking time out of the equation in online marketing. It does so much of the work that is normally very time consuming and tedious. The software is sold with a money back guarantee and is available for free trial using the link below.

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