Cityville Club Review

by Zach on June 28, 2011

Cityville players, this is going to be my in depth Cityville Club Review. Cityville can seem pretty intimidating when you first play it. It is a fairly complicated game, and there are a lot of things that can keep you from achieving Cityville domination. This is why people started to create Cityville walkthrough manuals, like the most popular of the kind, Cityville Club. A lot of the other manuals out there are decent, but this guide is the most popular one for a reason; it’s the best.

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The Cityville Club manual will give you the most for your money. More and more people are jumping on board and getting this guide because they want to increase their amount of neighbors and improve their in-game reputation. Of course you could do this without a manual, but it would take a lot more time, and put a lot of pressure on your strategy.

Most of the users who have used this guide have been able to level in a very short amount of time. One person in a forum reported that they got from level 1 to level 80 within a week using this guide and another person was able to level from 1 to 19 in a day. Without a strategy guide, this would be very difficult to achieve, because using normal strategies it takes days just to go up one level. Every single other Cityville Club review I have seen has been positive and raving about the contents of this guide.

What I really like about this guide is that you don’t just get the basic Cityville Club guide. You will also receive multiple bonus guides that show you how to get tons of neighbors without sending out tons of requests to your friends. Also, every time there is an update to this guide, which frequently happens, you can download the update for free.

Cityville Club Bot!

It has also been recently reported that they are giving away the Cityville Bot with the guide which will be able to seed and harvest crops, collect rent, get unlimited coins, and collect and supply business building, all on autopilot. This means while you’re working or doing other things, it’s just like someone else is playing for you.

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