Click Income Tycoon Review

by David on July 11, 2011

This is going to be my honest review of Click Income Tycoon. There are a lot of different ways that Click Income Tycoon can make you money. The system gives you a lot of options. It is considered a linear business model, which means you income will accumulate proportionally if you use the system correctly.

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Once of the main aspects of this program is making money through a web portal called ZibZoom. This is a new search portal that members os Click Income Tycoon can give away. It is given away to people who buy from search portals. These search portals earn money from the businesses that place advertisements on the ads (sort of like adwords). When these ads are clicked, you will accumulate revenue from the free traffic.

How You Make Money From Click Income Tycoon

When the ZibZoom members click ads, email people, or shop through the system, Click Income Tycoon collects these payments, and pays them down five levels. This is known as multi level income, which is one of the reasons Click Income Tycoon can be so profitable to its users.

The process goes through its normal cycle, and this is where your performance bonuses can come in. The clients using Click Income Tycoon can either take their money out, or make a deposit. If you are a member and are classified as a premier or pacesetter, you can take advantages of the bonuses.

Also, associates of ZibZoom have the ability to bid on keyword search phrases, and save these terms so that every time these keywords are searched, the associate gets a commission. I would recommend signing up to Click Income Tycoon as an associate, because the most money can be made from this position. Profiting from the clicks can be a great source of income, and it’s nice because you don’t have to make sales. Generating revenue from clicks from any search service can be very profitable. There was a blogger that at one point was generating over $100,000 per month from adsense from clicks on his sites. There is always money to be made from ad clicks, especially on new platforms like this one.

There are also a bunch of video tutorials that come with Click Income Tycoon that explain how to set up the system, and prepare everything. This material clarifies how clients will be getting their commission, and the difference between franchise, and pay options.

The Click Income Tycoon seemed confusing at me at first, but once you watch all the videos included in the system, you will see why people are making good incomes from this program.

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