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by David on April 13, 2011

Daniel Lew Background

If you want to talk about successful people, Daniel Lew is a good place to start. He dropped out of high school when he was 15 years old (I know it doesn’t sound good so far, but keep reading). He worked for a bunch of different marketing companies in Australia and believed he could use everything he learned about the internet to build his online business.

Daniel Lew stayed in Thailand and the UK for over six years. While in Thailand he created an internet business called Search Ltd. Right now I believe it is still the number one search business in Thailand. The site itself gets over a million unique visitors per month. In 2008 he sold the site and started on a new project.

After moving back to Australia, he started to expand his Search Engine Optimization business by creating Global Search Ltd.

He has always been someone wanting to find new ways to make money online, and he quit school so early because of his love for online marketing, and passion to act on that. Gaining so much knowledge of advertising and media, he utilized it and took action putting him with the top Internet marketers today.

Daniel Lew’s Products

Keyword Winner: This product is the software he is most known for creating. It is a software plugin for WordPress dedicated to helping to locate highly searched keyword that can be used for Internet marketing campaigns. It tries to find keywords with low competition and high search value. Read our full Keyword Winner review Here.

GSEO.net: This is a website built for online marketers to share valuable SEO, link building, copywriting, social media, etc. views and endeavors. It is a great and involved community to get into when starting businesses online, because of the people involved with the site. It’s a good place to learn more about affiliate marketing and making money online.


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