Deep Voice Mastery Review

by Alex on July 11, 2011

This is my complete, unbiased, Deep Voice Mastery review.

There are a lot of guys out there that are looking to get a deeper voice. However, this is not an easy thing to do because your voice is all in your genes; it’s something that is extremely hard to change. You can’t just keep make it lower if you want to and keep it that way. Or can you? With Deep Voice Mastery you can deepen your voice and keep it like that. Keep reading for my Deep Voice Mastery review.

This product was developed and written by a guy named Rudy Haynes, who was self-conscious about his squeaky high-pitched voice at the age of 32. He said that all throughout high school and college he would never want to go out or talk to women because people would notice his high voice and laugh at him for it. He felt uncomfortable because of his voice, so he set out to discover how to deepen his voice. He figured out how he could permanently lower his voice and now he is sharing that information with you in Deep Voice Mastery.

I have actually purchased this product in the past because I had written a review about it a few months ago for my self-help site. At that time this was one of the only voice changing products on that market and it was proven to work by countless people. Now there are countless different voice changing products out there, but one still reigns supreme, and that’s Deep Voice Mastery.


Read more on the OFFICIAL site – Deep Voice Mastery


Is Deep Voice Mastery a scam? Can you really deepen your voice permanently?

This product is not a scam and it has been proven that it does change your voice permanently.  Although, I have not personally tried to use it, (I don’t want to really try to lower my voice any more than it is now) but I’ve talked to tons of different people that have been successful using it. I will sometimes get emails from people on my self-help telling me about what happened and all of that good stuff. I’ve also done some research on Deep Voice Mastery and seen that it has been successful for more than just the people I’ve talked to. Rudy has a few different people talking about his product on the official Deep Voice Mastery site and also says that he receives emails all the time about people trying the product and how it has changed them. In his eBook he also includes some real life cases of people lowering their voices.

What do you get with your Deep Voice Mastery purchase?

Rudy really over-delivers on what you get in Deep Voice Mastery. You will be getting access to various different exercises and systems that are all designed to help lower a person’s voice. While reading this eBook, you will learn a bunch of different things that you might have not known about your voice. It’s all pretty science-y stuff, but it’s fun to learn about it. It is definitely worth it to read some of the information though because some of it is beneficial to you. Like how to put less strain on your vocal chords, how to relax them, and how to do the exercises that help lower your voice.

The main part of Deep Voice Mastery is the 9 day blueprint that Rudy Haynes used himself. When I first saw this I thought that 9 days sounded extremely quick, but he actually gives you the step-by-step process so that you can easily follow along with it. The exercises found in Deep Voice Mastery are primarily focused on strengthening your voice box and larynx to help deepen your voice.

There are mini-systems included in the 9 day blueprint that help with different areas when lowering your voice, such as the 7-step system for maintaining a deep voice permanently. It is important that you follow this part closely because without these exercises your voice has a high change of changing right back. You will also learn the secret of the morning routine. Just by doing a few simple things after you get up you will “wake up” your voice box, keeping your voice deeper throughout the day.

You will also be learning another system, which is the 10-step system on how to keep your voice flexible, meaning you will be hearing less of a crack in your voice when you talk. Another mini-system is the 3-step voice-training, which will help you find the pitch of your voice. There are also plenty more voice-deepening secrets included in Deep Voice Mastery.

Bonuses you receive with Deep Voice Mastery!

Like I said before, Rudy Haynes really over-delivers with this product. On top of Deep Voice Mastery, your purchase comes with 3 different bonuses. I’ll explain what each one is.

The first is a software called “Voice Tutor 2.0”. This software was developed to help people get a deeper voice, sort of like the eBook, but this will actually help you track your progress. You will actually be able to see your voice changing day by day.

The second bonus is an eBook called “How to Gain Confidence”. Once you have your deep, sexy voice you are going to want to go out there and let people hear it. This eBook is a step-by-step guide on gaining the confidence you need to be successful in life. I liked this; it was simple, to the point, and actually taught me stuff that I did not know about confidence.

The last bonus, number three, is another eBook called “Men’s Guide to Dating Women”. This is the icing on the cake. You’ve got your deep voice, you’ve found out all about confidence, now it’s time to learn how you can use them to get women. This is actually a pretty big bonus. The eBook is almost 70 pages, and it gives you tons of dating advice. Basically, it tells you what to do on dates, how to flirt, how to look good to your date, and a bunch of other tips on dating. This would probably have come more in handy if I didn’t already have a girlfriend.

Other bonuses, (that I don’t really think should be considered bonuses because they should be part of your product anyway) are a membership area, where you will find videos, exercises, downloads, etc. Unlimited email support, meaning you can ask this guy questions at any point in time. I tested this to see if he would answer and he got back to me the next day, so not bad at all. Finally, you will receive any updates to Deep Voice Mastery and the bonus eBooks for free.

Would you recommend Deep Voice Mastery?

If you are struggling with a high squeaky voice I would highly recommend Deep Voice Mastery, just because I have seen so many people successfully deepen their voice using it. It includes so much information that it’s a no-brainer to purchase it.  Plus, it’s been the best voice-changing product on the market since last year when I bought it the first time.

If you found this Deep Voice Mastery review helpful in any way or have had success with it, let me know by filling out a comment below. Thanks!


Read more on the OFFICIAL site – Deep Voice Mastery

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Nick August 3, 2011 at 11:41 am

I used Deep Voice Mastery to lower my voice and I was noticing differences within one week. I am far more confident now than I have ever been and I have Deep Voice Mastery to thank for that.


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