EnergyByTesla Review

by Alex on July 2, 2011

EnergyByTesla is a product that teaches people how to generate natural electricity that you don’t have to spend a penny on. With this product you don’t need solar panels, batteries, or any sort of wind power, you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on it, and it doesn’t generate any pollutants.

Electricity can be costly, especially in this terrible economy. People struggle to pay their power bills, and many families get their power shut off. With this product you will be saving hundreds per month on power because all the electricity you generate is all yours, completely free.

Other alternative energy sources are extremely expensive. My dad was actually looking into solar panels or wind power to put on our house, so that we could save some money on electricity. To his surprise we would have to end up paying at least $10,000 just to get them installed. Plus, I’ve heard of people that have them that say they are a pain in the butt because you have to constantly be cleaning them and worrying about maintenance. On top of all that, they will only provide you power when the weather is just right, so they’re value is extremely low to the average person.


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How does EnergyByTesla work?

Well, this scientist Nikola Tesla figured out that we could actually use the sun’s energy, not the sun’s rays, to generate electricity to our homes. The best part about this is that the sun’s energy is always on our Earth, even when it is cloudy or rainy, hence why the Earth’s surface is always warm.

I’ll show you this video of the generator someone built using EnergyByTesla.


You can find all the materials you need to build this machine in any hardware or electronics store. You don’t need to be an electrician to build it either, because the guide will teach you exactly how to build it with detailed instructions. The guide makes the machine extremely easy to build because the guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build it.

The machine only takes a few hours to assemble, which means that you can be using it by the end of the day and saving money this month. The machine is also small and portable, so you can take it almost anywhere you want.

There are tons of benefits of using this machine. First of all, you will still have power even if you have a black out. Then you will save tons of money on your power bills. Finally, you will be helping the environment because this doesn’t give off any pollution.

How much is EnergyByTesla?

This product only costs you $49, which I believe is amazing compared to all the money you will save with the machine. Plus, you get tons of bonuses that teach you how to save even more money on your next power bill. Overall, this product and the amazing stories I’ve heard about it make it well worth it and highly recommended.

I hope you found my EnergyByTesla review helpful when deciding to purchase this product.

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