Fat Burning Furnace Review

by Zach on September 12, 2011

The Fat Burning Furnace was created by fitness expert Rob Poulos. The guide itself is a 158 page e-book teaching you how you can lose fat and replace it with lean muscle to help you improve your appearance.

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This guide focuses on teaching you how you can increase your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This will help you burn hundreds of extra calories each day, even while your body is not physically active. It teaches you how to do this by putting you on an effective diet.

The guide itself is put together very nicely. The Fat Burning Furnace e-book starts off with an introduction teaching you why the author knows that his methods work so well. The actual meat and potatoes of the fat burning system doesn’t begin until you reach page 24. From here up until page 104 talks mainly about exercise, and after that moves into nutrition and diet.

Fat Burning Furnace Exercise Section

The creator of Fat Burning Furnace, Rob Poulos, isn’t very fond of long cardio workouts. He really doesn’t like cardiovascular workouts at all. This is why his exercise program mostly involves weight exercises that can be done in under 25 minutes per day. These are designed to be done three times a week, which will be reduced to two, as you progress further into the program.

The program is designed to make sure that you achieve a full body workout comprised of specific exercises. But these exercises should be performed very slowly. This will maximize the impact that they have, and will help tire your muscles out. This also means that you won’t have to do multiple repetitions of the exercises. You will only have to complete one set of each workout. This allows you to be finished with the workouts faster.

Each exercise is described in detail in the guide. There are photos that will teach you exactly how to complete each one. You can also decide to upgrade to receive the BlowTorch system. This gives you extra access to over 2 hours of video. This video shows the author performing the BlowTorch exercises. These vary from the normal routines that are covered in the main guide. But he also shows you how to perform most of the exercises covered in the regular guide as well.

For people that have been lazy for the past few years, and haven’t had much time to go to the gym, or workout, there is a Break In routine. This is designed for those who haven’t exercised in years. It is for beginners. The BlowTorch system is quite the opposite. This workout is an advanced workout that lets you target specific areas of the body. This can be overboard for a lot of people, but if you ever get to this point, you will have it.

Fat Burning Furnace Nutrition Section

The nutrition section of the Fat Burning Furnace is 35 pages long. It goes over what you need to eat each day, to maximize how much fat you lose. The author also explains why he hates fad diets, and why most of them don’t work. He also shows you a simple way to monitor what you eat, and how you can give your body what it needs. He also lists a bunch of misconceptions when it comes to diets and nutrition. He will show you why traditional diets may work at first, but after a while you are likely to put lots of weight back on.

You will receive a simple meal plan for each day. You will also receive a bunch of free recipes that you can use for free. There are planners that come with the system as well, which you can print out to help track your progress. These include planners to help track things like body fat, calorie intake, weight lost, and more.

The Different Levels Of Fat Burning Furnace

Rob Poulos and his family

You can choose between three different levels to the Fat Burning Furnace program. These levels are the Deluxe, Ultimate, and the Ultimate version that included the upgrade. The upgrade is the Blowtorch videos which I talked about above.

The Deluxe version gives you the 158 page PDF e-book as well as three months of email coaching.

The Ultimate version gives you even more, and at the moment costs the same price as the Deluxe version. With this package you will get everything you get in the Deluxe version, but you will also receive a Metabolic Rate Calculator as well as a Bodyfat Analyzer. You will also get 12 months of email coaching instead of three, as well as a Progress Tracker which you can use to keep track of your workouts.

The BlowTorch upgrade version of Fat Burning Furnace gives you everything that is included in the Ultimate version plus more. You will also be given a 21 page manual. This manual contains 7 different videos that are around 20 minutes long each. In these videos the author, Rob Poulos, literally completes each workout right before your eyes. He does everything rich in his home gym. The videos are high quality so you can see what’s going on. I only recommend the upgrade if you are serious about getting into this program. You will have had to make your way through everything in the main guide to start getting into the BlowTorch workouts.

Overall, the Fat Burning Furnace is both detailed, and well written. It contains quick workouts, that don’t require a warm up, and last between 20 and 25 minutes. Every exercise you do in the program is done for a specific reason, and that reason is always explained right in the main guide. You will not ever have to do any cardio. Rob tells you why he believes that his system gives you a better workout than long runs or bike rides.

You will also always have access to contact Rob if you ever need assistance with the program. They also have a help desk that is available 24/7 so you can get your questions answered.

Does Fat Burning Furnace Work?

It is going to require effort that is consistent on your part, and you are going to have to make sure you stick to the workouts twice per week. I hope this Fat Burning Furnace review has helped you make a decision on whether you should get this program or not.

In conclusion, this is a solid exercise program, and I highly recommend the Fat Burning Furnace to anyone that is serious about burning fat, and building lean muscle.

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jaqui April 9, 2012 at 12:57 am

I agree, I am 50 years old and this program really works, I weight loss very quickly. Thanks


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