Full Body Licious Review

by Zach on April 26, 2011

Just a few days ago at midnight, Full Body Licious by Flavia Del Monte was released. She is a stunning character, with a winning ambition, who has created this advanced program designed specifically for women to achieve that perfect physique.

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This program is a serious program, and is extremely in depth and intense. I can easily see it being too intense for some women. It will require some dedication, and some serious motivation. Ok, here is my Full Body Licious Review.

The owner and creator of Flavalicious Fitness is Flavia Del Monte. She is a personal trainer, registered nurse, and of course a huge fitness fan. She is a very knowledgable person about the human body, and getting it in shape.

You may have heard of her fitness superstar husband Vince Del Monte. His material can be found all around the internet on various fitness sites. What is truly inspiring about Flavia is that she completely and radically transformed her body in a small amount of time. She is rocking people’s socks off and sitting at under 14% body fat, and a slim, sexy physique.

I’m sure her pictures tell the story better than the text. She has successfully achieved a lean, tight physique, but still looks very feminine, which is a priority for most women. She is still muscular, but not in a masculine way.

The Full Body Licious program contains 5 DVDs which are split into a workout plan which can be followed for every day throughout the week. It is set up very strictly, to remove any errors you could possibly make from a incomplete piece or misconception (which there aren’t any of).

The program is progressively challenging. You do it 5 days out of the week. It certers around increasing muscle definition and shape, while simultaneously helping you burn fat. It is a serious, rigorous training program which is for women looking to seriously restructure their workouts.

Here are what the DVDs focus on:

DVD #1: Getting Tight and Trim Thighs

DVD #2: Getting a Show Off Stomach

DVD #3: Booty Booster

DVD #4: Sleek & Shapely Shoulders

DVD #5: Beautiful Backside

I hope this Full Body Licious review has given you some insight into what the program has to offer. The program can be purchased through the link below.

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