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by David on July 12, 2011

Hey guys, this review of Google Sniper 2 is going to be different from the other reviews on this site, and that’s because Google Sniper 2 was the course that got me started as an affiliate marketer. I have an emotional connection to this course, because if I never would have bought it, I most likely would not be where I am today. If you are looking for a reliable, proven course, that is going to get you started building an online affiliate marketing business, I would recommend checking it out through the link below.

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This is me.

If you don’t know who I am, that’s Ok. I am David, and I review Internet marketing products and courses. I’m also the owner of this site, as well as many other affiliate marketing sites.

I have seen almost every product online that tries to sell itself to you promising that you’ll make thousands, because this is my job. I review these types of products, so I know what I’m talking about.

I recommend this product to anyone that is either a newbie to Internet marketing, or has a decent knowledge of how Internet marketing, and affiliate marketing works. It is one of the only courses I have ever purchased online, and it has been something that I look back to all the time. If someone came up to me, and said that they wanted one product that will teach them everything they need to get started building profitable websites online, I’d tell them to get Google Sniper 2.

What’s Inside Google Sniper 2?

Once you have access to the course, you will be greeted by George Brown, the creator of the course. In this short video he tells you how to navigate through all the modules, and information that is presented to you.

Once you click on the Google Sniper 2.0 Access button, you will have all the information included in the course right in front of you and at your fingertips. All the videos are laid out right there, in order, along with all of the download links for the written material. Click the play button on the video below to watch the video on the Official Google Sniper 2 site.

The course manual is 104 pages long and is divided into 8 different chapters. Inside the manual, and in the videos, George tells you about himself, and exactly what Google Sniping is.

Google Sniper 2 Chapter 1

This chapter is all about finding the perfect keywords to choose for you sniper site. This module teaches you about selecting a profitable niche, and finding keywords which you can compete with. Even if you are a beginner, this module teaches you everything that is necessary to successfully find winning keywords to go after.

Here are some of the things that you will learn in Chapter 1:

• How to build a site around one keyword
• The best place to go to find what keyword you will base you sniper site around
• The amount of searches a keyword should have per month
• Keywords that you should NEVER try to monetize
• How to find authority sites in your niche
• A FREE tool that can be used to see if you can outrank a site

Google Sniper 2 Chapter 2

This chapter goes through in detail the basic information that most Internet marketers already know. This section talks about registering and setting up a domain, as well as how to choose what your domain name will be. If you are new to setting up websites, and installing WordPress, than this module will be of great value to you. But if you are an experienced marketer, this module isn’t going to teach you anything new. It is the basic information that you need to know about setting up your website.

Here are some of the things that you will learn in Chapter 2:

• Picking your domain name
• Why choosing your domain name is extremely important
• A trick that you can use if the desired domain name is unavailable
• How to choose the correct domain name so you can rank higher in Google
• How to install and set up WordPress on your domain
• A couple FREE plugins that will set your site apart from the competition

Google Sniper 2 Chapter 3

This chapter is one of my favorite chapters in this course. Here George Brown talks about pre-selling. This is the part of the course that will teach you how you can squeeze the highest possible conversion rates out of your sniper sites by writing good pre-sell articles.

Here are some of the key things discussed in Chapter 3:

• What pre-selling is
• How your pre-sell article can remain compliant with the FTC
• Examples of high converting articles from sniper sites
• How to know exactly what your visitors are looking for
• Persuasive language that can be used in every pre-sell
• Using both pros and cons to your advantage
• Points to remember when writing your pre-sell
• Using your personality in the pre-sell
• How to seem like an expert in your niche sniper sites
• The importance of an “About Me” page
• Free WordPress Themes that have been proven to convert at the highest rates

Google Sniper 2 Chapter 4

This chapter is basically an overview of what your sniper site should look like and how you can go about creating it. This chapter also focuses on your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). George talks about you will most likely get the majority of your traffic from longer tail keywords, rather than the main keyword that you build your site around. These are known as LSI keywords, and are great for getting more and more targeted traffic to your site.

Here are some things that are discussed in Chapter 4:

• How to make your site both user friendly, and search engine friendly
• How to optimize your post titles for SEO
• Finding your LSI keywords
• Using LSI keywords to get more traffic to your site
• Setting up your plugins to get the most out of them

Google Sniper 2 Chapter 5

This chapter focuses on things like link theft. He teaches you how you can be aware of how people try to hijack your affiliate links, and how this can be prevented. He also gives you a flow chart laying out the process of building your site, and how long each task should take.

Here are some things that are discussed in Chapter 5:

• The best areas to place your affiliate links
• Proven words that you should put in your call to action
• Cloaking affiliate links
• Specific words that trigger the “lizard brain” or emotional parts of your visitors brains

Google Sniper 2 Chapter 6

This chapter goes into detail about how you can easily obtain high PR backlinks to your site, so that your sniper sites are indexed by Google and other search engines very fast. George says that building links to sniper sites aren’t really that important since they are so drilled down and targeted, but they can give them some benefits.

Chapter 6 talks about some of the following points:

• The Google SANDBOX Effect and how you can avoid it
• How to get easy, quality backlinks to your site
• How you can get your site indexed very quickly
• What external things you can do to improve your site’s rankings

Google Sniper 2 Chapter 7 & 8

These chapters focus on more efficiently completing the tasks that range from doing keyword research, to backlinking your site. It teaches you ways that you can start outsourcing tasks and completing things more efficiently. These chapters correspond to the “Further Training” and “Empire Module” which will teach you how to do things like outhouse the creation of your sniper sites.

This course is hands down the most organized course I’ve ever purchased online, and has had a huge impact on my life. Everything in this course is presented in a way that keeps you focused and motivated. You can follow through everything in the course at your own pace. If you’re serious about creating an additional stream of income by building an online affiliate marketing business, then this is the course I recommend you take a look at right now. It might just change your life.

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