by Alex on August 1, 2011

Welcome to my honest, unbiased review. is a site where you are able to bid on cars that have been seized by the government. This is very useful when you are trying to find a car at a cheap price. Keep reading for my full review.

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What is and what is included in the purchase?

You may have heard of these government auctions and might have been interested in learning more about them. When the government seizes cars from people they usually auction them off to the public at thousands of dollars off their actual price. People then go and bid on them and save a ton of money. My dad actually got my first car for me when I was 16 using something like this.

Once you purchase your way into you will have instant access to a database full of auctions found throughout the entire country. You pick your state and city and the list of auctions will come up soon after.

On there are over 10,000 vehicles available for bidding on. Most of the vehicles on the site start out at only $100, which is absolutely amazing. Most of the vehicles sell for up to 95 percent off of their actual price. You have the opportunity to bid on vehicles such as cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. The vehicles listed on on explained in great detail, so that you know exactly what you are bidding on before you bid on it.

When you click on an auction you will see the sellers contact information such as name, address, telephone numbers, and other details.

The great thing about the auctions found on is they are all in real-time. This means that you don’t have to keep refreshing the page to see the new bids. It makes it a lot more convenient for you and also helps you when in bidding wars.

There is a section that is for seized real estates, but I never really checked this part out because it’s not really a big list. The database of vehicles was far better than the database of real estate.

On the member’s only site you will have access to all sorts of tutorials that teach you how to strategically bid, so that you can win what you want. You can also learn about different auction types and various other things.

You also have access to their top-rated customer support. I have emailed them before and they usually get back to you within the hour. I was extremely pleased at the level of support they had on

Would you recommend

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle as an extremely low price I would highly recommend getting access to The site is so clean and you can easily purchase the vehicle you want. You can use these vehicles for whatever you want as well, so if you like to flip cars this is perfect for you. Overall, this is the best place to get a vehicle for extremely cheap and I highly recommend checking out.

If you purchase a membership I highly recommend getting to know the site before jumping into the bids. Definitely check out some of the tutorials because you might be able to learn a ton of stuff about the auctions that might save you even more money or give you a higher chance at winning something you actually want.

If you found this review helpful let me know with a comment below. If you have experience with also fill out a comment below and let me know how it went.

Click here to check out the OFFICIAL site!

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Tyler August 2, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Got an ’06 Impala for only $1,500! Hell yeah I am pumped!!!


jasmine August 3, 2011 at 2:47 pm

oh my gosh tyler thats pretty awesome! i was looking for an impala for my grandpa cuz thats his favorite car but i got an 2004 impala for 1500 dollars. i was happy with that as well and my brother used this to get a ford focus for only 2000. he’s bought like 5 cars using this haha


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