Intelligent Cruiser Review

by Zach on July 26, 2011

Hey guys, this is going to be my honest review of Intelligent Cruiser, a guide that was created by David Kirkland to help you learn insider secrets that will save you money on cruises. The guide is an ebook with over 100 pages that teach you how to save substantial amounts of money on cruises offered by almost every major cruise line.

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I’m sure you’ve heard some methods that can be used to save money on cruises, but this guide goes way more in depth that anything I’ve ever seen online. It isn’t just common sense information about saving money. This ebook is a solid source of information for anyone that takes cruises, or is about to go on their first cruise.

The guide will show you step by step how you can get the most for your dollar on your cruising vacations, reduce the cost of your cruise trip, and make the entire vacation more enjoyable.

There is a section in this ebook about getting VIP treatment as well as a bunch of proven methods that will help you manage and save money when you arrive at different ports throughout your cruise.

Intelligent Cruiser Puts Everything In Once Place

One of the reasons this ebook is so powerful is that everything is in one place. If you tried to research everything yourself, and find out the best ways to save money during your cruise, it would take you months. The information contained in this ebook has been carefully researched and optimized so that is can best help you save time and money planning your cruise.

The writer of the book is an officer that has worked for cruise companies. This indicates that the book has been written by someone who has experience with cruise lines and knows the ins and outs of the business. He has worked for ten years as a 3-stripe officer for three different major cruise lines. He decided to quit because he wanted to teach others how they could save money on cruises. So he decided to put his extensive knowledge of the cruise line industry together into this jam packed e-book.

I recommend this book to anyone that is taking their first cruise, or even someone who has already taken 5 or even 10 cruises before. This guide teaches you what you have been missing and uncovers a bunch of saving tactics that will help you save a boatload of money on your future cruises.

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