Keyword Winner Review

by David on April 13, 2011

Keyword Winner was created by Daniel Lew, and I am going to review the plugin in this Keyword Winner review. The plugin has been added to and has a lot of new features since I last looked.

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For those of you new to the product or if you haven’t heard of Keyword Winner before, it is a WordPress plugin. It lets you have absolute control over the WordPress dashboard and have all your statistics and information properly organized very efficiently. The plugin saves time, and gives you information about keyword that is essential to getting clicks and earning money.

The Keyword Winner has a ton of features including, having full control of your keyword research, the ability to check SEO statistics, keyword suggestions for low competition phrases and high trends, competition analysis, clear search trends, and a lot more.

Keyword Winner also has almost an hour of demo videos explaining watch explaining exactly how the plugin works and everything you need to know about it. Another great feature I found was the ability to have SEO page titles which allows you to have the search engines see your title differently than what actually appears for the posts which can be very valuable when trying to rank for keywords.

If you use WordPress, having Keyword winner is a no brainier. Lifetime updates are free with the software.

Who created Keyword Winner?

Daniel Lew is the creator of the product and is one of the wealthiest Internet marketers. He has a ton of experience in search engine optimization and ranking for keyword online. He owns and has a lot of web based companies, and has established a reputable profile over the past years.

The tool is useful for both newbies and experienced internet marketers, and those who have a lot of blogs or websites can really benefit, and save time with keyword research.

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