List Eruption Review

by David on May 4, 2011

You’ve heard this before; the money is in the list, and List Eruption is a great way to help get your list kickstarted. This is my honest List Eruption review.

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I’m sure many of you already know the power behind lists. When you have a targeted email list, you can build relationships with those people, contact them whenever you want, and control what you send to them.

By using List Eruption, you can increase the size of your list exponentially. It was created specifically for WordPress, so the majority of sites online can use it. Using the power of each individual opt-in combined with social media, it rapidly builds your list of subscribers.

You won’t need any programming skills. You simply install it into wordpress, and let it do it’s job. List Eruption helps turn e-mail lists into referrals. You can turn every one of your subscribers into affiliates that will help get you even more subscribers. It does this by offering bonus rewards to each of your subscribers based on the number of people they refer.

The software provides each individual subscriber with a unique referral URL which they can use to get credit for the subscribers they refer. You can set how many referrals they need before they can get their bonus content.

In List Eruption’s initial test, it increased subscriptions 257% in the first period.

Anyone making a decent amount of money online will say that the money is in the list. Having that huge targeted list of subscribers is extremely valuable, and being able to double or triple the amount of subscribers you get will only increase the amount of money you will make promoting to that list.

Use This Official Link For The Lowest Price —> List Eruption

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