Manaview Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon Review

by Alex on March 28, 2012

Welcome to my honest Manaview Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon Review. I hope you enjoy it!

Online video games are a huge burgeoning empire that has a fan base of millions of users and I am one of them. I live and breathe video games and I look for every advantage I can to make it to the top. I stumbled upon lots of user guides with great leveling skills, tips, and tricks but I was unsuccessful in finding a good macro program to improve my keystrokes per minute. A macro is a pre-programmed set of instructions – for video games it a pre-determined set of keystrokes for combo moves so that you can push two or three keystrokes and perform 20 or thirty moves to demolish the competition. After all my research and trials I found that Manaview Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon tops the list and is worth your time.

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Benefits to Using Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon

Manaview Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon ReviewThe program will help you determine what play style you use so that you can then select the optimal keybind (or macro sets) that work for your defense and attack styles – so whether you are a tank, mage, or warrior – you can become a professional player in a matter of just a few hours of practice. Every single World of Warcraft class and spec is covered so that all characters can benefit from the Manaview program. Every role has 36 or more keybinds to choose from so that you have a wide selection to choose from no matter what your preferences are.

It is a super easy to learn system with the best macros ready for your WOW addiction, like me. It comes with complete customization so that you can alter sets, macros, and binds to your liking and which keys they are programmed to – making this the most versatile program on the market. In addition, when you purchase the Manaview Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon, you become part of a growing live community with support forums and lots of new friends to help answer your personal questions and troubles.

What is even better is that you get a 100% money back guarantee so that you take no risk at all. So stop clicking on the screen with the mouse and start using your keyboard like a pro with keybinds, macros, and awesome combos. The system also comes with lifetime updates for new expansions, new powers, strikes, and magic as the games expand. By using this program, you will earn achievements like trash, daily as I am every day that I play whether it’s raiding my favorite badlands with my crew or battling a foe in player versus player (PvP).

The Next Best Thing to Free is a Great Program with a Great Affiliate Program

Impulse Keybind and MacroWe all want to get things for free, but it is not always possible. Thankfully, you can refer your friends to this great program and make a commission of every sale, and it only takes one or two sales to cover your expense of getting in. With several upsell ways – you can make up to $93 per sale and with a very high conversion ratio of 1 in 20, it won’t take long to earn back your investment and then start making money – which means that you can start paying for your hobby and playing that for free as well. Manaview wants you to succeed in the game and as an affiliate so they provide you with all the tools to market their product, including: banners, product boxes, prewritten emails, tweets, keywords and PPC templates, along with prewritten reviews. So plop up a link on your blog, Facebook, and send the referral link to your friends in World of Warcraft and start being a professional gamer by not only playing well but earning money from your professional hobby – and maybe, just maybe, you could pay for a high end wireless gaming router and a 16 core liquid cooled gaming tower with a 2GB graphics chip and 32 GBs of RAM so that you can truly experience the game as it was meant to be.

In just three steps, you can be on your way with me, to the top of the rankings and the envy of your clan. Just select your binding style, then check the loaded actions, and lastly, apply the keybinds and macros to your character (if needed, customize which key sets on your keyboard for the ultimate in customization). So next time you are lying dead on the floor with all your loot raided, remember that you could have had an awesome win by using the best add-on system around like I do – so get back up and get on with your digital lifestyle.

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