Natalya’s Guide Review

by Alex on April 18, 2012

Natalyas Guide BundleGreetings. I’m glad to see that you are interested in my review of Natalya’s Guide.  I have to declare a bit of bias before I start. Because Natalya’s Guide is the brainchild of the same folks who brought us the Aeon SWTOR Guide, I kind of expected it to be top notch even before I got a chance to check it out.

Of course, I’m not the only one who felt that way. I’ve been chatting with others and the consensus was that Natalya’s Guide would be the best Diablo 3 guide. There are two guides – the leveling and gold guides.

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Natalya’s Guide is a huge product full of techniques, researched and tested methods, builds, rotations, and strategies to help you dominate Diablo 3. It offers advice on the important aspects that makes your Diablo 3 experience so much more enjoyable.

This guide reveals all the secrets to leveling, builds…well everything. One thing it has been especially praised for is the information that allows you to acquire all the gold you need.

It has that essential aspect that so many guides miss the mark on – thoroughness. I mean, doesn’t it aggravate you when you spend your cash on a guide and it tells you stuff you already know.

Natalyas GuideNot so with Natalya’s Guide. It provides all possible information you could imagine on the game.

This is not some guide that was written up by a mere player. The guide was a team effort comprised of professional players, each with his or her own expertise in Diablo 3. You name the area that you have questions about and the answers are in the guide.

These authors are not just good at the game. They are masters of all MMORPG games. You name the game, they’ve mastered it. They’ve spend thousands of hours perfecting the guide.

The members of the team each attacked their own specialty and interest and wrote about that. They played and tested the whole game.

What’s your interest? Leveling methods? Diablo 3 gold secrets and techniques? You name it, that aspect has been played, tested, retested, and included as a walk through in Natalya’s Guide.

There is detailed information on skill trees, rotation, gear, and RMAH mastery – and more.

What is included in Natalyas Guide?

Natalyas Barbarian GuideMore information than you ever imagined available, that is what is included in Natalya’s Guide. The guide maximizes your pleasure in playing Diablo 3. Okay – you likely want to see examples. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step leveling information.

You know how in the game you get all those choices and all the possible skills and weapons and such stuff and don’t have a clue what is the best choice, or even if there is a best choice.

The leveling guide explains all 5 classes, including the weapons, armor, and rotations to choose. It’s a lot of work to make rotations only to inflict no damage at all.

Then there are the PvE and PvP builds. Natalya’s Guide shows you the best PvE and PvP builds regardless of your class or level. This information literally saves your lives. Healing and tanking become simple.

Above, I mentioned the guide’s help in gathering Diablo gold. You will learn the way that the professional players get gold. They can even lead you into the mysteries of getting real money and handling the Real Money Auction House.

If you have even bought gold or been a victim of a scam in any other MMORPG, or both, you already know how valuable this knowledge is to you.

Nothing is missed.

Okay, here is an example of something that I bet you wondered about – when to level your artisans. And do you know which follower you should get? See what I mean. So many questions. The guide guides you in making these choices.

Reading manuals is a pain. A description is nowhere as useful as a video. And that is what rocks about this guide. It is visual so you can clearly see just what you should do to optimize your skills. Follow the walkthroughs and you with be a real wizard, not just the Diablo type of wizard..

Would you recommend Natalyas Guide?

Absolutely yes. I recommend it. As if the full details completely explained in this Diablo 3 strategy guide are not enough, there is 24/7 support just in case you need more clarification. And the guide grows with the game. If the game is expanded or patched or otherwise updated, so is the guide.

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee if for some reason you are not happy with it. (But I find that hard to imagine.)

My review is also 100% — 100% positive. If you are thinking about playing like a pro, you got to have Natalyas Guide. Even if you simply want to enjoy Diablo III, you got to get the best Diablo 3 guide, which this is. It will make the game even better than you ever believed it could be.

So there you have it, my Natalyas Diablo 3 guide review, can’t wait till May 15 to put it into use! Now, just buy the complete guides package and dominate Diablo 3.

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