Niche Reaper Review

by David on May 16, 2011

Niche Reaper is a new product created by Matt Garrett and Gary Prendergast. You may want to know exactly what Niche Reaper does and whether it’s worth your money. This is my honest Niche Reaper review where I will reveal exactly what it can do, and whether or not it will benefit you in Internet Marketing.

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Now on Clickbank, 90% of products launched are junk products with hyped up sales letters. Most of those junk products don’t make much money, and people realize that they are crap pretty quickly, and spread that to other marketers. Niche Reaper is definitely a quality product. It is a piece of software that has been being developed by two of the smartest marketers online. You can see exactly how it works in the video below.

The software itself is a very advanced tool for keyword research that is very user friendly and easy to operate. If you are a beginner, or an advanced user, you will not have any trouble using Niche Reaper. The software is about finding hungry niches that are waiting to be monetized.

Every single keyword software is missing something that Niche Reaper hasn’t forgotten. It is honestly the first tool I’ve found which contains all of the details necessary for doing comprehensive keyword research.

The main features included in the product are, the number of daily searches for the keyword, the average pagerank of the top ten results in Google, the percent of results that are ads from Google Adwords, niches which are clearly categorized, the potential number of clicks you will get from being on page one of Google, the number of sites you you could replace with your site in the top ten, and finally, the .com, .net, and .org sites available for the keywords.

Niche Reaper in my opinion is the perfect tool for keyword research, but the software itself is not all you get from purchasing this product. It also comes with dedicated video training that you can watch which will train you exactly how to get the most out of the software. In fact, when I talked to Matt Garrett on Skype, he was working on creating the training videos.

I recommend this product for every serious webmaster that wants to make money targeting keywords online. As always, if you are not satisfied with Niche Reaper, or any Clickbank product, you can return it, but I’m sure once you use the software for the first time, you will realize it’s value.

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