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by David on July 15, 2011

Hey guys, this is my detailed review of the Optin App created by Derrick Van Dyke and Todd Gross. This opt-in program is a very powerful list-building tool that has been integrated into “Facebook Connect”. Using the Optin App powered with Facebook connect has been proven to increase conversion rates, as well as get the actual emails of your visitors.

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This has been shown to increase conversion rates for a few reasons. One is that they see that your business is integrated with a known and trusted website (Facebook), and second is that it’s a lot easier to just hit the Facebook connect button than it is to type in your name and email. With the Optin App, all they have to do is hit the “Connect” button, and then “Allow”.

You will also get their official email address, that they actually use, and not just a throwaway email address that they use just to get free stuff.

The OptinApp works using the following steps:

1. You type the URL of your website into the website page. This could be a variety of things. It might be your sales page, home page, or wherever you are drubbing your visitors, and potential subscribers to.

2. Here you type in the URL into the Exit Page. This is where visitors will end up after they complete the opt-in.

3. Here you will enter the List Name from whatever autoresponder you are using. You can just copy and paste the ID from your autoresponder service into the Optin App software. The software supports the most popular 22 autoresponders.

I have done a little bit of research, and people are reporting that they are getting close to, if not double the amount of opt ins. That is a 200% increase in opt in rate. I have seen more and more bigtime marketers using this tool, and implementing it on their blogs, or squeeze pages.

The big plus I see for the Optin App is that you are getting their official email address. You are getting the email address that they most likely use the most, since it is the same one that they used to sign up to Facebook with. I don’t know about you, but I signed up with my main email, and three years later, I still check this email every day. Plus, you can change your Facebook email to update it with the latest one you’re using, so you’re almost guaranteed to get their most frequently checked email when they opt in with the Optin App.

I definitely recommend this tool to anyone that has any website, or squeeze page, with an opt in form. A tool that can increase conversion rates by this much is insanely valuable for online marketers.

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