Panic Away Review

by Zach on July 27, 2011

Hey guys this is going to be my honest review of Panic Away, a natural technique created by Barry McDonagh to stop panic attacks, and general anxiety. It has been used by over 46,000 people to stop their panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. The program is partly based off of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and is similar to what Psychologists will teach you to do, when you consult them about anxiety or panic attacks. But the Panic Away System focuses around one specific technique that is used to cure panic attacks.

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The system clears up all the lies, misinterpretations, and myths about anxiety and panic attacks that float around on the Internet. I was surprised to see that a lot of the advice for Panic Attacks online can be ineffective, or actually have adverse effects on your anxiety. This book does a good job of clearing all of that up, and setting the record straight.

The program was created by Barry Joe McDonagh AKA Joe Barry. I prefer to call him Joe. He is a former panic attack sufferer who developed this natural technique which has been shown to eradicate 100% of panic attacks and anxiety symptoms in minutes.

It is one of the most widely used solutions to help sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks, and utilizes the “One Move” which has been trademarked by Panic Away. This move works by breaking the panic attack cycle, and reducing your levels of anxiety to zero. It is completely based on relaxation techniques, and doesn’t use medication or drugs of any kind. These aren’t your normal everyday relaxation techniques however. They have been specifically formulated and designed to stop panic attacks from happening, and reduce general anxiety so that it becomes nonexistent.

The book also shows you how you can apply the “One Move” technique to specific situations like driving, flying, and public speaking.

Here Are Some Reasons Panic Away Is A Proven, Effective Panic Attack Solution

• It’s simple
• It works for general anxiety and panic attacks
• It offers a one on one consultation
• It is Internationally acclaimed
• It gives you access to therapists who are available to help
• You get lifetime access to the panic away forum
• There are thousands of testimonials on hundreds of different sites
• You can get the mini course for free
• It offers a physical or downloadable version

After you buy Panic Away, The program also includes a simple technique that is used to stop a panic attack in its tracks in 21 seconds, and stop general anxiety in under 7 minutes. It is call the 21-7 Technique, and this is trademarked by Panic Away too! They just like to trademark stuff. Most people claim to that this technique works the first time they try it.

The 21-7 Technique was commented on by one by Dr. Viktor Frankl, one of the world’s leading psychologists who said that the technique is “the only true cure for panic and anxiety”.

What You Get In Panic Away

• The 147 page Panic Away e-book
• Essential Exercises (Audio)
• Lifetime access to the support forum, moderated by qualified therapists
• One on one coaching session with Panic Away creator

More About The Panic Away Audio Recordings

The program comes with audio MP3 files which are downloaded straight to your computer after you get access to the program. You can do whatever you want with the MP3 files. You could throw them on your iPod, burn them to CD, or whatever you want. I think the best idea is to put them on a CD and listen to them in your car when you’re alone.

One Move Audio: Barry is the voice on the MP3 files and he guides you through the methods and teaches you how you can apply them quickly in stressful situations. He guides you through what you need to be thinking and doing to get your panic attack to stop.

Driving Anxiety Audio: This part focuses on panic attacks while driving. If you have ever experienced a panic attack while you were driving, then you should pay attention to this section. This audio will be very helpful if you’re driving, and you have this recording to relax and calm you as you drive in busy or stressful traffic.

Panic Away Video & Presentations

If you don’t feel like reading through the ebook, you can follow along to the presentations that Barry and the Panic Away team have put together. There is one hour and 45 minutes worth of video presentations in the course that will present to you the key techniques that are included in the course.

$150 Worth of Free Coaching

If you get the deluxe version of Panic Away you have the option to have one on one coaching with the creator of Panic Away, Joe Barry. You will be given his personal email address, and be able to email him any time you want for personal, straightforward coaching. This is for people who want a deeper, more personal approach to curing their anxiety.

The Private Forums

Since 46,000 people have purchased Panic Away, there is a huge community behind the program. You will receive complete access to the private forums with the deluxe package, and will be able to meet people just like you, and discuss your anxiety problems together. You can find people that have the same issues that you do, and learn how Panic Away has helped them. There are a ton of genuine success stories that are floating around the forum from people just like yourself.

Panic Away Conclusion

I hope my Panic Away review has shed some light on what the system is all about. This program is the most popular program for helping people with panic attacks and anxiety that is available on the internet. The program has helped out thousands of people, and there are tons of doctors and psychologists that fully support the system. It is an exceptional course that has been created to help those with severe anxiety and panic disorders.

This program is a life changing system that is for anyone serious about ridding their body of anxious feelings forever. It is truly something that will create a shift in your life, and open you up to a whole new world where you will have control over your anxiety. I recommend this course to anyone who wants a proven way to get rid of anxiety for good.

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