PvP Ownage Review

by Alex on July 6, 2011

If you are a hardcore World of Warcraft player like myself, you know there is nothing better than killing people in Arena and Battlegrounds. PvP is where it’s at and all the best players do it. Since, it’s against real people it can be very difficult to master. People are unpredictable. To be extremely good at PvP you need to get skills, and you can now do this with a WoW guide called PvP Ownage. This guide teaches you everything, and I mean everything there is to know about PvP. Keep on reading for my complete PvP Ownage review.


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What is included in this PvP Ownage guide?

PvP is huge, especially endgame. It’s a great way to get insane gear, cool titles, and kill other people for fun. With this guide you will be one of the best PvPers on your server guaranteed. You will stop dying and no longer will you be the noob of your team. PvP Ownage covers everything from the basics of battlegrounds to the more advanced Arena stuff.

The creator of this guide took his Arena ranking from 0 to 2,311 in just 25 days, so in his guide he teaches YOU how to do this. Most players know that in order to be able to wield some of the best gear you need to achieve a certain rating. I realize that Arena has gotten a lot easier since the Lich King, but as you get higher and higher, you will be facing people that have tons of skill. In order to beat them you need to be better than them. Since people can be so unpredictable when they play it’s hard to learn how to beat them. This guide gives you tips to overcome thousands and thousands of different scenarios.

As I said before this guide covers everything, even the basics. PvP Ownage comes with a section dedicated to the players that haven’t really PvPed much. This section covers all the basic stuff a beginner would need to know in order to become skilled at PvP. Some of the stuff included in the beginners guide are: battleground tutorials, dueling tutorials, Arena tutorials, and basic PvP tips.

By getting deeper into the guide you will see the class walkthroughs. This was my absolute favorite part of PvP Ownage because it teaches you exactly what to do when facing a certain class. It goes over gear needs, strengths and weaknesses, talents, abilities, and more. This part will really increase your one on one skills with certain classes as seen in duels and many arena situations.

You will also get a list of useful PvP macros for each class. No matter how you play your class there is a macro in this guide for you. The macros definitely help you by speeding up certain combos and can really give you the edge in PvP.

Each battleground is completely covered in the guide with excellent detail. Basically, the guide gives you a strategy for each one. It shows you how you should play as your specific class. With the tips in this section you will easily be topping the charts with your stats.

There is also a section completely dedicated to Arena strategies. This is really the part I was looking for when I purchased the guide and was extremely happy with it. Not only does it give you tips for countless different situations, it basically teaches you how to win each time by outsmarting your opponent. Realistically, just this part of the guide is worth the purchase.

How much does PvP Ownage cost?

This amazing World of Warcraft guide costs $37. With all of the different, detailed PvP guides you are getting with this purchase I definitely think it is worth it. With the help of this guide you are definitely going to become a master at PvP and have the gear that the gurus have. It is going to be amazing walking around in your new Gladiator’s gear.

I hope this PvP Ownage review cleared some stuff up for you. Place a comment below if you have purchased this guide and want to add anything to it.

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