Reaching Gold Cap Review

by Zach on June 24, 2011

This is my honest opinion of what I thought of Reaching Gold Cap, and whether I actually think it can help you reach the gold cap in World of Warcraft. WoW is an online MMORPG which has reached levels unprecedented in any other game. There are tons of similarities between World of Warcraft and the real world. For example, wealth can be obtained by buying and selling objects in exchange for gold, which is the most valuable commodity in the WoW economy.

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Gold is the most difficult item to obtain, meaning it has the highest value in the game, so many ask how they can get gold quickly without putting in much effort. WoW schools has put out a course that is easy to follow, explaining how any character can reach their gold cap. It is a system which is very easily followed.

What does Reaching Gold Cap teach?

Reaching Gold Cap was a course developed early into the creation of WoW school. The school was created by a bunch of long time players and experts of World of Warcraft. This guide teaches players how they can hit the limit, which is now around 200,000. Everything in this guide is laid out very simply and easily. It is not an endless guide that is going to confuse you; it’s quite the opposite.

There is only one requirement that you need for the system to work. The first is that you have a World of Warcraft account. The second is that you have at least a level 1 rated character. This is all you need, and from here the system is all set in place to help you create gold. The more gold you make with the process, the easier it get.

This system doesn’t involve any farming to obtain gold. It is step by step and very easy to understand. You will need only 20 minutes a day to implement Reaching Gold Cap, and the actual automated gold making techniques require nearly and effort.

In this course you’ll learn how you can maximize your time using very smart trading techniques which will gradually increase your gold. Once they hit a certain level the guide demonstrates a method of automation that can double or triple your gold income every day. The guide also contains and extra $217 worth of extra WoW player guides which can teach you how to level your character, gain experience, and lot of other things.

The guide with out a doubt does what it claims it can do. It provides you with a step by step system that will allow you to reach the gold cap without getting confused or discouraged.

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