Rift Supremacy Review

by Alex on June 24, 2011

In this Rift Supremacy Review I’m going to reveal whether or not this guide is better the other Rift guides. If you are sick of people leveling right past you on Rift you need to read this. Rift Supremacy was created by a guy who goes by C.J. He is a real Rift player and proves to you that his guide is the real deal right on the guide’s website. Read on for my full Rift Supremacy review if you want to know what is included in this new guide.

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What is included in the Rift Supremacy Guide?

Rift Supremacy is basically split into two major, easy-to-follow sections. One section, my favorite, is the HD video walkthrough of both Defiant and Guardian. The other section is the written guide. Both sections have basically the same information, so it just depends on what you are feeling that day.

The Rift Supremacy video guide is separated into three smaller sections. The videos are playable on both PC and Mac.

The first video section is the Rift leveling guide. These videos are extremely easy to follow, so all you have to do is copy what is happening in the video and you will get the same results. He narrates the entire video walkthrough, which I find extremely useful especially if you are playing the videos in the background. He couldn’t make the video guide easier to follow. He opens the map up and points right to where you need to go, so you never get confused. He also speeds up parts of the video that might be repetitive, so that you don’t waste any time watching the same thing over and over.

The next part is the Rift and Invasions Guide. In this video guide he shows you what you should be doing during Invasions, so that you get the maximum amount of experience. There are a couple of different tips in there that, even as an expert Rift player, I did not know. This is an extremely useful section, but I think it’s targeted more towards the newbies.

The last part of the video walkthrough is the Rift Builds Guide. I felt that this was the best part about the entire product. There were tons of different builds that I have never tried out before, and they all worked like magic. I usually end up playing PvP, but with some of these builds I was really turned on to doing some raids. There were also certain builds that focused on leveling the fastest.

He even gives you a few examples of what the videos will look and sound like on the guide’s site.

The other major section is the written guide. I found this to be extremely organized and easy to read. I think it would be a challenge to actually fail at leveling using this guide. The written guide is split up into two smaller sections.

The first written section is the Rift leveling guide. This is basically the same thing as the video walkthroughs, except in text. This guide comes with full color maps and screenshots on almost every page making it extremely easy to follow. The guide is sorted out by levels as well, so you quickly jump from level to level if you are leveling two characters at once.

The second section is the Rift Builds Guide. I liked the video section better than the written section of this because the videos were much easier to follow. However, I did use this part to reinforce anything that I thought I missed or was confused about.

How much does Rift Supremacy cost?

Rift Supremacy is only $34.95 at the moment, which is a steal in my opinion. There is no other Rift leveling guide that even compares to speed, detail, organization, and information that is packed into this book. If you want to be a serious Rift player, you need to pick up a copy of this guide.

Let me know if this Rift Supremacy review helped you by leaving me a comment below. If you want to get more information on Rift, check out the Rift Leveling Guide.

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WarriorBamf July 1, 2011 at 11:45 pm

Xerxes aint got shit on this guide. This guide is beast. Videos for everything.


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