Rocket Spanish Review

by Alex on July 12, 2011

This is my complete, unbiased Rocket Spanish review.

There are many reasons why a person would want to learn Spanish. It could be because a loved one speaks the language, or because you need to be able to speak it for work, or maybe you are traveling and you want to speak the language of the locals. Whatever the reason, you don’t want to be wasting time learning the language. You want to get straight to the point and learn Spanish as quickly as possible. That’s no problem with this product called Rocket Spanish.  Keep reading for my full Rocket Spanish review.

There are a lot of online Spanish teaching products out there, so what makes this product stand out? Well, the difference is Rocket Spanish works, and it works quickly. It’s been proven countless times to work efficiently for people of all ages. Other online Spanish teaching products promise way too much and can never deliver on what they promise, leaving you with money wasted and no Spanish learned.

The best thing about Rocket Spanish is that after you have completed the course, you will have equal knowledge to someone that has completed two full years of schooling. After completion, you will be able to speak Spanish fluently and smoothly.


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What is included in the Rocket Spanish program? Is Rocket Spanish a scam?

First, I just want to clarify that Rocket Spanish is perfect for anyone no matter what their experience levels. There are sections for people who have never spoken a word, and then there are sections for people that have been speaking Spanish for a while. So, no matter your level of experience Rocket Spanish will definitely help you out.

With the Rocket Spanish program you are getting everything you need to learn this new language. The main program is split into 32 different lessons ranging from basic to difficult. Each lesson is about 25 minutes long and each 25 minute long lesson is divided into smaller more manageable sections. Learning a foreign language is hard and this program makes learning the language 10 times easier with its clear, simple audio and video lessons. Rocket Spanish is not confusing at all. You can even put them on your iPod to learn anywhere you want to.

The course teaches you what you need to know about writing, reading, listening, and speaking Spanish. Along with the 32 audio and video lessons, you will achieve Spanish language knowledge with another 31 Spanish Language Lessons. These lessons primarily focus on helping with grammar, which is huge when learning Spanish. Again, each of these lessons is broken down into even simpler sections so that they are easy to follow and can be used by anyone.

There are also three games that come with Rocket Spanish that are each designed to help with different areas of the language. The first game called “MegaVocab” helps strengthen your Spanish vocabulary. There are over 1000 different words in this game for you to learn, and you can even add more. Playing this game will be both fun and educating and will help you memorize tons of different Spanish words.

The second game called “MegaAudio” helps with your understanding of spoken Spanish. I would say the hardest thing about learning a new language is understanding people when they talk. With this game you will learn to recognize over 1000 different Spanish words. That takes care of the listening part.

The third and final game included in Rocket Spanish is called “MegaVerbs”. This game helps you memorize your verb tenses for talking and writing in Spanish. It isn’t like English; the Spanish verb tenses can be extremely confusing, but building your score up in this game will have you learning them all in no time.

You will be amazed at how well the games help you learn Spanish and reinforce everything you learned during the audio and video lessons. Plus, these games are not boring and you will always want to beat your score.

There is a section in Rocket Spanish where you can take quizzes and tests to see your progress. There is even a section where you can store notes that you took for future studying reference.

Bonuses you receive with Rocket Spanish!

There is also a free vocabulary guide that comes with Rocket Spanish. This guide includes ten different topics all packed with tons of vocab. The topics are Spanish pronunciation, city life, food, numbers (basic), numbers (advanced), clothing, colors, body parts, days of the week/months, and finally countries. Each topic comes with its own flashcards to help you easily memorize the Spanish vocabulary.

Rocket Spanish also includes lifetime membership and a support forum. The forum is open all hours of the day and there are tons of people on at all different times, so if you have a question they encourage you to ask it on the forums. That way you may possibly be helping someone with the same question.

Would you recommend Rocket Spanish?

I would definitely recommend Rocket Spanish because plenty of people have tried and succeeded in learning Spanish using it. Plus, Rocket Languages is an extremely popular, trusted brand when it comes to helping people learn new languages. Rocket Spanish isn’t their only product, but it is their most popular. You also can’t beat the value you are getting for such a cheap price. Think about it; college classes cost up to $800 a class, and with Rocket Spanish you are getting two years of knowledge in.

If you found this Rocket Spanish review helpful, you can leave me a comment below. If you have tried Rocket Spanish you can also leave a comment about you experience with the product.


Read more on the OFFICIAL Rocket Spanish site!


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