Sonic Producer Review

by Alex on July 19, 2011

This is my complete, unbiased Sonic Producer review.

Sonic Producer is a software is a fully functional musical sequencer that is available on the market. It was created by a computer programmer and rap artist in New York City. It’s an application that you can download straight from the website immediately. You get all the tools you need to start making sick beats. Keep reading for my full Sonic Producer review.

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What is included in Sonic Producer?

Sonic Producer is a software that you download that lets you create beats easily. You can download this program for almost any operating system including Mac and PC. I know most beat making programs are Mac only, which is why Sonic Producer is very popular with people using PC.

Sonic Producer comes with multiple options to change your beat including, a virtual keyboard, a 16 track sequencer, pads, and track volumes. The dashboard may look confusing, but everything is clearly labeled and everything comes with detailed instructions. This is also one of the easiest beat programs to learn. My brother was making beats just hours after purchasing and he always seems to be using the program.

With the sequencer you have access to thousands and thousands of different sounds you can use while making your beats. This part is more for people who have been using the program for a longer time and know their way around making a professionally sounding beat. So Sonic Producer is not just for people who just started making beats; it’s also for people who are experienced at making beats.

The beats you create with Sonic Producer are able to be exported onto mp3s, allowing them to be put into iTunes or other music players. I found this extremely cool because you can listen to your beats wherever you are instead of just on your computer.

The program comes with a member’s only section with hundreds of tutorials and instructions. All you have to do is search for something specific and you should be able to find it. Most of the tutorials in Sonic Producer are videos, which make them even easier to follow. Plus, if you have any questions at all and you can’t find the answer to them in the tutorials you can also submit a customer service ticket 24/7. Getting in touch with someone is never a problem.

Also in the member’s section you will be able to download a variety of different instruments and beats to use. Anything that comes out in the future is yours to download for free.

Check out this Sonic Producer video. It shows you the basics of the program.

Would you recommend Sonic Producer?

I would recommend Sonic Producer over any other beat making software on the market, just because it’s so simple and easy to use. The learning curve is extremely small and doesn’t take long to catch on. Sonic Producer also allows you to export anything you create to an mp3 that you can easy throw on your iPod and listen to later. With everything you get, the different instruments, sounds, beats, etc., this software is definitely worth the price. Overall, I would highly recommend Sonic Producer.

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Read more about Sonic Producer on the OFFICIAL site!

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