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by Zach on April 10, 2012

Hi guys, sorry for the late post but it’s been a busy Easter. I hope you enjoy my Speed Reader-X review :)

Speed Reader-XI was the slowest kid in school when it came to reading books, therefore I preferred comic books and I sunk into those amazing graphical eye candy pages with glee as I learned of Peter Parkers escapades, Batman’s love triangles, and the socially awkward moments of the children from the X-men archives became my bed time stories. Over the years I wished there was something that could have helped me focus more on reading and comprehension so that I could have gone to college, but that is in my past and my children are my future. Now that I have kids, I want them to go to college and get farther than this old man did. So I scouted around and found this amazing program called the Speed Reader-X that has helped my kids and I learn to read and love it.

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What it is

The Speed Reader-X is a program designed to help you with reading and comprehension and it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. It is designed to improve your reading two fold within just a few minutes by following its simple techniques that have been proven time and time again. It is not just another common speed reading program with lots of fluff to waste your time and sell you another book. The creators actually simplified the content, removed the crap, and get straight to improving your reading ability. This is not a book; it is an actual software program which means that you are able to learn it quicker as intended by the teachers and professors who created the content. All it takes is your patience and diligence in following the steps and you will master it quickly through their intuitive interactive computer guide.

Why You Need it

I needed this back when I was a kid and now I can read books with ease and I actually love it. I now have a large library of books and dozens more on my Kindle and I must say I am now addicted to reading and I can’t put books down. After working the system with my two kids, we all three tackled the Harry Potter series in just under a month – the entire Harry Potter series. This almost made me cry, because before, it would have taken me the entire year to read all the words, pages, and chapters and I wouldn’t have remembered half of the context. But now, my children and I can enjoy books and remember what we read which has increased their grades dramatically making me a proud father.

Speed Reader X Screenshot

You need this program to read hundreds of words a minute. The system is designed to instantly double your reading speed within the first 5 minutes from the simple steps it teaches and it works. It works whether you are an adult, teenager, or kid and my children and I are living proof. The software is easy to use and comprehend no confusing words or systems making it compatible for all ages. This system is so popular that big name schools and companies use it to attest to its worth and reality – this is not junk but actual education that will benefit you for the rest of your life. As a bonus they throw in an extra software that helps improve your mind comprehensive and memory so that you can be the ultra-brain child. It is great if you have trouble remembering what you read, like for a boring history class or confusing words. It teaches you to focus on the main verbs and action words and to gather the implied meaning from the sentences so that you avoid getting stuck on a particular phrase or sentence.

Speed Reader-X Bonus DVDI highly recommend the Speed Reader-X program coupled with the memory and comprehension program they throw in free of charge. It will help you feel confident when you read, remember the content for your exams, and increase your intelligence – and who doesn’t want that! If you are ready to relax and release your stress and focus on clearing your mind to make room for the massive upload of information coming your way, than you should purchase the Speed Reader-X program today. For a small affordable amount of money, you can increase your skill set and get better jobs – you can even add speed reading to your list of skills and accomplishments and you might just have the edge over your opponents who are vying for the same position. Being able to read, comprehend, and then spit back out the information is a valuable skill set that you should not take for granted. So whether you are a father, grand-father, or maybe just a twenty something looking to get out of the daily grind earning minimum wage – this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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