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by David on April 1, 2012

Hi Guys! Today I get to present my review of Dale Mercer’s new Step Up and Speak Program. Stay tuned for more reviews in the next few days :)

Staring at a blank spot on the wall, imagining that everyone is naked, or cracking lots of jokes…

Step Up and SpeakThere are so many ways that a public speaking event can go wrong in your dreams such as turning pale and throwing up as you try to spit out your first words or maybe you trip over the podium in your nervous state or maybe you will have sweat spots and stuttering as you foul up an important once in a life time speech as the best man at your best friend’s wedding? There are lots of things that go on in our mind but less so in real life with the right training, knowledge, and patience. After I read the Step Up and Speak Program I was able to increase my public speaking appearances, improve my image, and increase my sales negotiations techniques all from this simple program.

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Why You Need the Step Up and Speak Program

Have you ever wished you could speak to a random hot girl and try to get her phone number? Do you want to increase your sales quota and improve your financial situation? Wouldn’t you like to be able to out negotiate a car salesman? Or how about deliver powerful youth motivational speeches and information to help bring about positive change among the rising generation? There are many situations where public speaking can assist you and those around you if you just had the proper training and experience to feel confident, know the tricks to stay focused, and avoid letting your mind wander causing you to lose focus during your speech and much more. This amazing program will provide you with the information you seek to make a difference in your life and avoid the common pitfalls of public speaking so you always come out looking like a star.

There are 6 discs that will cover the topics you will need to feel empowered and ready to attack your next public session. The first five minutes of disc one are available for free online as a trial so you can get a feel for the system and the useful information that it will provide. Disc one will cover the very basics of preparation techniques and has 5 step by step modules that will help you with things like how to start, how to meditate and prepare yourself mentally, how to keep an audience’s attention, and how to use images and items to drive home the message and lastly how to put power and meaning behind your words for a more meaningful talk. Disc 2 covers the fundamentals of speaking techniques like how to talk with feeling and clarity, repetition using the power of three for memory retention, and how practicing your speech ahead of time will make you more confident. But these are not only listening CDs – you will receive action books to download and print if you need so that you can stay on task as you learn this valuable information. The remaining 4 discs will cover everything you need to know and I suggest that you read, listen and watch the material two or three times before delivering your first talk so that you feel confident and prepared. The action books are very helpful for keeping you on track, they are list task lists on how to make a successful speech and deliver it so always keep a digital copy around for future use.

Art of Public SpeakingOn top of the simple guides that anyone can read and understand you will also receive bonus material such as a video on how to speak with persuasion, how to select the best topics for your speeches, and a digital book called “The Art of Public Speaking.” These additional bonus videos and digital books coupled with the public speaking program will provide you with countless sources of information for you to hone your skills. What is best is that the program comes with a full 60 day refund if you are not satisfied and it is run and managed through the safe and secure ClickBank payment gateway for fast hassle free payments and refunds.

Step Up and Speak DaleIn the end, if you want to stand up and be counted among the top professionals in your industry, delivery emotional and meaningful motivational talks, or simply be a better sale professional and negotiator – than you need to read the Step Up and Speak Program to improve your public speaking. After several attempts I can say I now have the confidence to deliver a speech anywhere at any time and I know that if I can do it than anyone can. You too can be a memorable speaker that leaves an impression in the mind of the audience to bring about a change and make an impact today.

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