appdevsecrets review

App Dev Secrets Review

by Zach on July 26, 2011

Hi guys, this is going to be my review of App Dev Secrets. Mike created this multimedia course from the information that he acquired from his inner circe of game and app developers. The course is updated monthly so that the latest app development information is available.

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Mike, the creator of App Dev Secrets, wanted to make this course completely newbie friendly since he had absolutely no programming skills when it came to making apps. All you need to be able to do is operate your iPhone or a computer to get started.

You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars or study programming and code for months to get to the level where you are able to create apps or games. All of this work has been done already. You will literally be able to make an app and start making money with it immediately.

The technology used to develop and run the apps is getting updated all the time. Buying books to learn programming will be a waste because these books are often outdated by the time they hit the shelves.

The cool thing about App Dev Secrets is that it doesn’t just give you the tools you need to create your app, it gives you what you need to market your app as well. It will teach you how you can get your app noticed so that it will become more popular.

App Dev Secrets Teaches You To Market Your App

In order to get the ball rolling on apps, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are proven and effective ways to do successful marketing to get your app out there so that people get their hands on it. App Dev Secrets teaches you the important things to get your app notices so that it can cut through the mounds of apps that are already on the market. If no one sees your application, no one will buy it. It’s important to know how to market your app successfully, and without this vital information your app won’t sell.

If you have a passion to make an iPhone app as well as make an online income from your application, the best way to get started is by using App Dev Secrets. Use the link below to get your 30 day trial.

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