auto bet system x-iv review

Auto Bet System X Review

by Zach on July 8, 2011

Hey guys, this is my in depth analysis and review of the horse betting system, Auto Bet System X. It was created by a horse racing expert from the United Kingdom, named Grey Samuels. The program was designed to be used by both experienced players as well as newbies, for horse racing and betting.

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If you’ve seen the sales pages of sports betting systems before, they almost always have some story about how the product creator had a crappy job, and he turned himself into a wildly successful wealthy person through the betting method that they created. This product is no different. The page is very salesy, and tries everything it possibly can to sell you the horse betting system, but that’s not important. What is important, is if Auto Bet System X works or not.

What Can Auto Bet System X Do?

This program can help you do a few things. First, it allows you to spend a lot less time doing horse race research. Normally, researching the horses before horse races can be time consuming, and looking up stats for the best value for your bet can be a daunting task. The automation tools that are included do help you reduce the time you spend on research.

The Auto Bet System X strategy teaches you how to bet correctly by identifying horses that have the highest percentage of winning based on a lot of different pieces of data. You will attempt to grow you starting bank by in between 5% and 10% each day. The strategies deal with Accumulators, Dutching methods, Multiples, and a few others. The program comes with video tutorials explaining how the entire system works, along with PDFs and walkthroughs.

The program also comes with software to help you analyze race data. The software does it by compiling data from a bunch of free online resources, which generates useful data. Grey Samuels’ goal was to create the most profitable automated betting software.

Do I Recommend Auto Bet System X?

This horse betting system is approaching one year old, and I haven’t seen that much positive feedback from this system. It just seems to me like the story is a little too good to be true, and I really don’t like this Grey Samuels guy. If you are looking for a serious horse race betting system, I would check out either of the two betting systems I have linked below. These systems have been getting far better feedback from the community.

Recommended Horse Race Betting Products

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