auto traffic nirvana review

Auto Traffic Nirvana Review

by David on August 11, 2011

This is my review of Auto Traffic Nirvana, which was recently created by Bill McRea, Travis Stephenson, and Mike Williams. To put things simply, Auto Traffic Nirvana is a system that taps into the power of the search engines by showing you how to drive your own search engine traffic as well as how to direct traffic from websites that already rank high.

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Auto Traffic Nirvana creates a network for you, and the potential your site has to benefit from being included in the network is very high. Since the program has been doing very well right from the start, your network will be set up for you without any problems. I would estimate that the size of the network is over 10,000 people right now.

Since three are thousands of domains involved in the program, the plugin that Bill McRea has designed will help you build links to your sites on autopilot. It decides where to build links from by analyzing what content is hosted on your site, and builds links on sites in your niche. The software makes the links to your site appear as one way links. They do not appear as reciprocal links, which have very little value to your Google ranking. There is nothing wrong with reciprocal linking, it’s just that there isn’t much benefit of linking two sites to each other. It won’t boost either site’s SEO.

A cool feature about the system is that the links that are built to your domains are in the actual body content of the site. They aren’t in the sidebar or footer, or in other places where they matter less. This way Google and other search engines perceive these links to be natural and organic.

All of the links that are created to your site within the Auto Traffic Nirvana network have the potential to be clicked. You never know when a link inside content on another site will be clicked, but you can be sure that you will be receiving traffic from other sites from the direct links to your pages.

The licenses to Auto Traffic Nirvana are sold in groups of 10. This means you can add the program to 10 sites for under $50. That means each site is only costing you $5. Plus, Auto Traffic Nirvana will be building thousands of links between sites relevant to your content.

How To Use Auto Traffic Nirvana

The plugin itself is fairly easy to use. You can choose between 2 and 6 links in each post. I would recommend keeping each post at two links, because you will rack up links quick if you are adding this plugin to an autoblog. If you have 1,000 posts, and you have 6 links on each page, you will immediately have made 6,000 backlinks which can look suspicious, so I recommend keeping the setting at 2 backlinks per post.

Still, 2,000 links is a lot of link juice. I recommend choosing the setting that opens up links in a new window as well. You can also choose to summit your RSS feeds to RSS search engines, so that your content can be syndicated to these locations. This will help generate more links for your sites. You can also have the plugin build links to posts that have already been published if you’d like.

I recommend Auto Traffic Nirvana to anyone that wants to help the search rankings of their site or autoblog, and wants to way to get one way links to their site in a very efficient manner.

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