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DeClutter Fast Review

by Zach on August 5, 2011

Hey guys this is my review of DeClutter Fast. This e-book was created by Mimi Tanner, and is a necessary read if you are a pack rat, and need help dealing with all of your clutter. This e-book is a perfect solution to go from a cluttered house to a neat house as fast as possible.

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The DeClutter Fast method uses the Four Boxes Method, which can be used to declutter a certain room in a house. The method involves going into the room with four boxes labeled discard, donate, decide later, and definitely keep.

The items that don’t matter to you, and that you want to throw away go in the discard box. The things that are valuable, and could be useful to someone else can be put in the donate box. Remember, don’t put junk in this box, it is not a garbage box. Only put things that can actually be used by other people, and that you are willing to part with. Use the decide later box for things that you’re not sure what to do with, but will decide later on. The definitely keep box is for things that you absolutely do not want to part with.

There are a ton of decluttering techniques that are described in full detail inside the DeClutter Fast guide. The techniques range from decluttering rooms in your house, to decluttering papers, to stopping procrastination.

What You Get In DeClutter Fast

You will receive the 17 essential things you must have a place for in your house. You will also get a bunch of free decluttering tips that are sent to your email for free, as well as a free bonus book by Joe Vitale that is sold on Amazon. There is a really neat chapter about super-organized super happy people that is really interesting also.

Some examples of the decluttering methods that are described in depth are: decluttering your whole house, how to clean up paper clutter, finding a space for everything in your house, decluttering the kitchen, and how to declutter when you’re out of storage space.

The DeClutter Fast e-book is well written. It is 72 pages long, but it is very easy to read and understand. You can get started today implementing the strategies discussed in the book. Overall, the e-book is a good read, contains useful information on how to declutter quickly, and is a great value.

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