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Form Wizard Pro Review

by Zach on May 6, 2011

Form Wizard Pro is a wining horse betting system that has helped hundreds of people improve their betting skills at the tracks. In this Form Wizard Pro Review I’m going to go over how this system works and how it can help you.

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The horse racing software itself it what creates the daily ratings with very high accuracy. The version currently available is the 2.2 edition and has been completely restructured from the ground up. It now includes runs, place positions, wins, win/place prize money, and the last three races. The ratings formula for the horses has been restructured after months of extensive research and testing with thousands of horse races for extreme accuracy.

The formula will work year round. Looking at the sales page for Form Wizard Pro, compared to other horse racing products definitely makes it stand out. For one, there are tons of reviews from ecstatic people talking about the success they have had with the software.

I have honestly never seen a program that looks this genuine and has this many positive reviews from people. My step grandpa even used this program to help him bet the races, and he loved it. He didn’t always go with what Form Wizard Pro chose though because he was very stubborn, but when he did it paid off.

The product claims 70% Winning Strike-Rate, and I would bet that this is an accurate claim. Form Wizard Pro is now an established name in horse racing software, and they’re product continues to improve and improve with every update. I would definitely get my hands on it now if I were you. Use our link below for the lowest price.

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