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Razer Guide Review

by Alex on August 11, 2011

This is my complete, unbiased Razer Guide review.

The Razer Guide is the only good DC Universe guide available on the market. If you are a DCUO player and you want to level fast this guide is definitely for you. Keep reading for my full Razer Guide review.

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What is Razer Guide and what is included in the purchase?

The Razer Guide is a 100 percent legit way to level up you DCUO character. In the guide you will find a leveling guide, missions guide, weapons guide, powers uide, pvp guide, mechanics guide, and much more. I’ll go over each in detail below.

The first part of the Razer Guide is the leveling guide. This is an extremely detailed step-by-step guide to leveling any character in the matter of days. You get the complete guide from the starting city all the way to the level cap for each of the mentors on both factions. The guide provides you with detailed maps that tell you where to go. You will also learn the correct way to complete missions, so that you get the maximum amount of experience possible.

The second section of the Razer Guide is the Comprehensive Mechanics Guide. This section shows you how the game works and how it can affect your gameplay. I actually found this pretty interesting, but it is kind of lame and not really worth the read.

In another section called the PvP Guide you will learn all you need to know to dominate the server in PvP. The guide goes over all the different PvP modes and maps. You will also learn how to fight each mentor with a certain mentor. Using this PvP guide will definitely give you an edge in DCUO.

The Razer Guide provides you with a complete guide to all the weapons. Since any class of player can use any weapon you need to learn which weapon is best for your mentor. It is s definitely must to read this guide because it will help you choose the perfect weapon for your style of play.

The last important section is the Power/Skill System Guide. In my opinion DCUO has one of the most complicated skill systems out of any MMORPG that I have played, but this guide definitely simplifies everything. You will learn which skills are worth it and which ones don’t need to be used.

Would you recommend Razer Guide?

Well, since it’s the only DCUO guide available it as no competition, therefore I have to recommend it to you. It is definitely worth it though because with this guide you can level up any mentor in the matter of days. If you are struggling to level your character I would definitely purchase this guide. The other sections in the guide are extremely useful too, especially the skills guide. Overall, it’s a definite yes for Razer Guide.

If you found this Razer Guide review helpful let me know with a comment below. If you have experience with Razer Guide also fill out a comment below and let me know how it went.

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