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CBK Gamers Review

by David on August 5, 2011

This is my review of CBK Gamers which is a course that was recently launched by T Dub, also known as Tony Sanders. He is known for creating the bestselling Farmville guide on Clickbank as well as a bunch of other game products. In CBK Gamers, Tony reveals how he has made over a million dollars by earning commissions from his popular game guides sold on Clickbank.

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CBK Gamers has been packed with all the information that you need to copy Tony’s blueprint to how he turned his gaming guides into a monthly stream of thousands of dollars, and do the same thing yourself.

Once you receive access to the program you will receive access to a bunch of different things. The first of those is a database of Tony’s keywords that can be used to build profitable Adwords campaigns promoting almost every Clickbank gaming guide. The guide also goes over some of the best selling product in the online gaming niche. It shows you the best way to make money off of the PvP Bible, Warcraft Blueprint, Farmville Strategies, Cafe World Domination, and other guides.

What Else Comes With CBK Gamers?

Clickbank Gamers comes with a PLR package that contains articles that you are free to use to submit to article directories, put on your sites, or give to your subscribers. It also contains an 7 part autoresponder series for each of Tony’s gamer courses. You can use these with any autoresponder in order to follow up people who are interested in any of the 7 guides.

You are also given access to 30 different landing page evaluation websites. These are used to gather subscribers, and get the emails of people that are interested in purchasing any of the gaming guides. This is how you will be getting the email addresses of people that you will send follow up emails to with the autoresponder package.

What I like about this course is that it is focused on one niche. This way you don’t have to bother with selecting a niche or doing keyword research. You are also given all the materials you need to set up profitable campaigns to earn affiliate commissions on any of the gaming guides on Clickbank. CBK Gamers also focuses on the gaming niche which has one of the lowest refund rates on Clickbank. This means once people buy guides through your links, there is barely any chance that any of the sales will be refunded.

If you are interested in making money from selling game guides like Farmville Secrets, Cityville Domination, and others, this is a great way to start. It was created by the man who has created most of the top gaming products on Clickbank. This man teaches you how to do what he does. He is probably the best man in the world to learn how to sell gaming guides online from. Having made over a million dollars in the past year selling and promoting his 7 gaming guides, Tony Sanders’ reputation is solid. Overall this is a course that has proven results. CBK Gamers is a great guide to follow to start selling and profiting from gaming guides.

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