Commission Domination review

Commission Domination Review

by Alex on August 5, 2011

This is my complete, honest Commission Domination review.

Commission Domination is an internet marketing software that is designed to help you make money. It just recently launched and a lot of people are looking into buying it. With all the scams going around nowadays I decided to review Commission Domination to find out what it’s really about. Keep reading for my full Commission Domination review.

Commission Domination was created by a team of three guys, two of which are extremely well-known as big internet marketers. They are Anik Singal and Andrew X. Knowing that these guys are behind the product makes it a lot more trustworthy as a legit product. However, just because their names are not it does not mean it works, so I went a little bit further.

The Commission Domination team was tired of people getting scammed out of their money by buying one-click software that doesn’t even work. That is why Commission Domination was born.

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What is Commission Domination and what is included once I buy it?

Like I said before, Commission Domination is another internet marketing software that is supposed to help you make money. I have been awaiting the launched of this product for a while now due to some hype during the pre-launch. Once Commission Domination hit the market it exploded in sales.

Basically what Commission Domination is, is a package of different tools:

The first part of the package is a software that builds you the site. You fill out a few fields in a form such as niche, affiliate ID’s, etc.. and this software will create articles, submit articles, find keywords, create backlinks, do social networking, generate traffic, and sell your products. It’s actually pretty insane if you think about it and you can create sites in a matter of hours.

On the official page Anik Singal shows you just how fast new sites start making money. He shows you a few Clickbank screenshots that show that he starts making a few sales a week in the first week. This is completely believable because I made the first sale on the first day. You can find more about that below. If you make a few sales a week times 5 sites, you can be making an extra couple hundred per week. The best part about Commission Domination is you can use this software to create as many sites as you want.

The second piece of software included in Commission Domination is extremely useful. In fact, I found that this could be a product by itself. This piece of software is actually a niche/keyword research tool that you can use to find the most profitable niches and keywords. I use this before I create any site now because I want to know if I am going to be making money or wasting time. Some of the niches aren’t as good as the others, but they will still make you money. This part of Commission Domination is not as talked about as the autopilot part and I can’t help but wonder why? I actually found that I liked using this better than the other software.

Once you purchase Commission Domination you will have an option to purchase another product afterwards. Usually, these upsells are a load of garbage, but I actually tried this one out. The extra product, if you choose to buy it, is Commission Domination sends you fully researched niches every single month, plus sends you the best templates to create these sites. If you do buy Commission Domination I highly suggest purchasing this upsell as well because the new niches will be extremely easy to rank for, plus you will be one of the only people competing for that niche, making you a lot more money.

My experience with Commission Domination!

So, I definitely had to try out Commission Domination as soon as it launched, and I was one of the first people to get my hands on it. I also bought the upsell, which I found well worth it so far, you can use it to help you find a great niche, and I definitely recommend getting that as well.

I’ve made two sites so far using Commission Domination. I haven’t made any more yet because I want to see how well these ones do first and I don’t want to waste my time if they don’t work. It took me about an hour to learn the software and really get everything setup and as you can see from the screenshot below, it’s definitely paying off. This is my new Clickbank with using Commission Domination so far:

Keep in mind that this is only using two different sites so far. If this keeps it up, in about a week I’ll add a few more sites to generate more income.

Like I said before, I used the second software included in Commission Domination to find the niches that I used on those sites. I think if I create more, which I most likely will seeing as how good I am doing so far, I will use the niches I received with the upsell.

Would you recommend Commission Domination?

As of right now, I highly recommend Commission Domination, as this is one of the only internet marketing products that I’ve used that has generated me income on the first day. And as you can see from my screenshot, I made the money I used to purchase Commission Domination back in two days. This is an extremely powerful product and can be used to generate hundreds of dollars in extra income. Commission Domination has huge potential; it all just depends on how you use it. Overall, I definitely recommend Commission Domination to you if you are looking to finally make money online.

If you found this Commission Domination review helpful let me know with a comment below. If you have experience with Commission Domination also fill out a comment below and let me know how it went.

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