commission predators review

Commission Predators Review

by David on August 1, 2011

Hi guys, this is my review of Commission Predators, an autopilot software created by Chris and Andrew Fox that was designed to help build cash generating websites. It is hyped up to be the best affiliate sniping software to create deep, content filled sites quickly, and without any skills or experience.

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When I first took a look at this software I was interested to see if this was different from other softwares on the market. I have seen many different types of software that can create websites at the push of a button, and build content for them. So I didn’t think that the concept was very new or revolutionary.

But there was a few things that stood out from other similar systems. The first one was the this software can create a large amount of pages on a website. Other softwares usually only create a limited amount of content or pages per site, which can be very limiting. But Commission Predators creates content on the fly and gives you a potential to create larger sites in shorter time periods.

If you haven’t heard or Chris and Andrew Fox, these guys are making thousands of dollars a day from all of the free traffic sources. Andrew Fox has built tons of niche websites, and has funneled all of his traffic into auto responders, and has created a huge mass of email lists.

Having the Commission Predators software allows you to go from being a normal person who can write a few articles a day, to being a person who can generate whole websites with hundreds of pages of content in a matter of days. The software also comes with a keyword research tool and a link system tool.

Commission Predators Keyword Research Tool & Link System Tool

Keyword Research Tool: This tool makes it easy to do keyword research for terms that have high competition, and low traffic.

Link System Tool: This is a SEO friendly way to help build a network of links to your site, using the anchor text of your chosen keywords.

Andrew and Chris are offering here is a combination of extremely valuable tools that you can use to literally automate the whole affiliate marketing process. You will literally be able to do keyword research for your site, set up your site, add content, and build links, in an automated way. Getting to the top of Google and other search engines is one of the prime focuses of this program, which I liked. This will help ensure that you actually do get traffic to your sites, so that you can siphon your share of profits from online search traffic. I recommend Commission Predators to anyone who wants to get started building niche sites online without having to do all the tedious, time consuming tasks.

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