diamond gamer review

Diamond Gamer Review

by Zach on September 19, 2011

The Starcraft Diamond Gamer add-on has stormed into the gaming community. Players are often interested in what it actually can do for them in the game. Diamond Gamer is an add-on. It is software that you can run while you are playing Starcraft 2. It works as an in game guide which helps you with strategies, build orders, and unit counters which can be referenced to in the game.

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When you start up Starcraft 2, the program will display a menu. Diamond Gamer decides which strategies to use based on your current match-up. Let’s say that you enter a game as a Protoss. You click one button which will pull up strategies and build orders that are relevant to Protoss.

After you have opened up the build orders menu, you will be given a customizable screen with the best openings that are used by pros. You are free to copy these. As an example, you could click the 4-Gate button. You will then be shown the most efficient build to use for this strategy.

In this Diamond Gamer review I’d like to stress that the add-on is targeted toward players of lower ranks. If you are only a Bronze or Silver league player, it would be a good idea to use Diamond Gamer. This will make learning the best strategies and build orders a lot faster and more efficient.

Diamond Gamer Features

This add-on is the first Starcraft 2 add-on which eliminates alt tabbing, memorizing plays, and memorizing build orders. It comes with videos that explain game winning strategies. These are targeted toward both single player campaigns and multiplayer for all of the three races. You can also watch these videos right in the game while you are playing Starcraft 2.

The add-on features perfect Build Orders for all races. Another feature is the Early Game Grid and Counter Them Grid. This will provide you with openers for each game match-up and how you can counter attacks from enemies. There is a dynamic system that will give you instructions on how you can defeat every opposing army.

Everything included in the guide is completely legal, and doesn’t alter the Starcraft 2 gameplay, or violate the game’s rules. It is constantly being updated with new tactics as the game changes.

Honestly, if you purchased Diamond Gamer, and put it to use, being a Bronze or Silver league player, and did not see your rank go through the roof, I would be surprised. If you use the add-on you are pretty much guaranteed to increase the speed that you learn new strategies and build orders. The add-on will give you an almost unfair advantage over your opponents.

If you are already a high ranked player, then I don’t recommend buying the Diamond Gamer software. If you have reached Platinum or Diamond leagues, then this add-on probably won’t give you that much of an advantage, because you will have already learned the skills that this add-on teaches you.

If you are already at this level, you will see that matches move very quickly. Quite honestly, having Diamond Gamer at this level wouldn’t be that much of a help, because of the speed at which the game moves. If you are in the Gold league, it is up to you. Diamond Gamer could definitely improve your level of play at the Gold level, but it won’t be as effective as if you were a Bronze or Silvery player.

To conclude my review of Diamond Gamer, I would say that whether or not you should get the add-on is completely based on where you are ranked right now. If you are a Bronze or Silvery player then the software is a must have, and will help you boost your rankings. If you are a Gold league player, the add-on will help you reach Platinum, but if you are already Platinum, or Diamond, then Diamond Gamer isn’t for you.

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