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Ex Back System Review

by Zach on September 20, 2011

The Ex Back System created by Brian Bold says that it will help you feel better about your breakup with your ex, and provide you with a proven step by step plan to help bring your ex back to you. I am going to go over whether the Ex Back System works or not in this review.

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Even though every breakup is different, Brian’s system is designed to be a “blueprint” that can work for every type of breakup, even though there are many differentiating factors. The e-book is designed to not only allow you to bring back your ex into your life, but to become happier, and live a more stable life as well.

Brian Bold went though an intense breakup, and was able to win his fiancee back, so he is definitely speaking from experience. The e-book comes in PDF format, but also comes with video, and is available as an audio book. Brian stresses that there are five different phases that you go through to get back with your ex. Those phases are Recession, Reconstruction, Reconnection, Reconciliation, and Resolution.

Ex Back System Phases

Recession: This is the phase that you are most likely in at the current moment. This chapter goes over the most common destroyers of a relationship, and shows you the best way you can handle your breakup.

Reconstruction: This phase usually feels like it takes a long time, but this is a very important phase. This phase deals with what you should do if you miss your significant other, how to deal with your social life, how to deal with your health, how to deal with friends of your lover, as well as dating other people.

Reconnection: This is the first major step that will involve actually bringing your lover back to you. It is the first time you will contact her. Here you will find letters, emails, and topics of conversation that you can use to make a solid impression on her that will have her thinking about you all day.

Reconciliation: At this stage you would have had regular contact with your significant other. They will love to hang out with you again, and this chapter will help you get back into a solid relationship with your lover again.

Resolution: This is the final talk that you will have before you enter a serious relationship again. This will solve the original problem that caused you to break up in the first place. It will help you enter the relationship without having any issues. It will also avoid either of you from feeling guilty or blaming each other.

In the Ex Back System, Brian shows you how you will act in each of these phases, along with comprehensive instructions laying out how to create situations to show your ex that you actually do want them back, and won’t make the same mistakes you made before. The program also goes over what you should never do, and what things you should do, after you have successfully reunited with your lover.

There are also two chapters in Ex Back System that are for two twists in your breakup situation. The first of those chapters will tell you what to do if your ex has began a relationship with someone else. It will show you how you can get them to drop that new person and come back to you. The last chapter is only for breakups that are doomed to never be solved or brought back together. If you followed all the steps in the Ex Back System, hopefully you will never have to read this chapter. This situation talks about how you should move on, and how to deal with your breakup, and feel better as fast as you can.

The program comes with 33 videos, audio files, and the PDF e-book. In all honesty, it is a very complete and comprehensive program that has helped thousands of people around the word regain their relationship with their ex. This along with 24/7 email support from Brian Bold himself makes Ex Back System a solid program to buy if you are serious about getting back with your ex.

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