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Follower Shadow Review

by Zach on July 21, 2011

Hey guys, if you haven’t heard, Follower Shadow has just been released, and I thought I’d give my honest review of the horse betting system. Just to set things straight, this system is not a scam, and is a legitimate horse betting system, that has already has shown proven results.

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As soon as you sign up to Follower Shadow, you will have your selections sent right to your email address. The system is set up so that you literally don’t have to know anything about horse racing to use it successfully, but it would help if you did. Understanding the way the selections are picked is never going to be a bad thing. The strategies and selections are explained in the membership area. You can also access historical records that show how the system has been performing so far in it’s selections.

Who Created Follower Shadow?

Follower Shadow was created by Neville White, a betting enthusiast who has been making a full time income doing professional gambling for the past 20 years. He started in 1988 as a 19 year old kid. Currently, he only spends between 10 and 20 minutes per day on placing bets, and he is still making hundreds every week from horse bets alone.

He has been tweaking the Follower Shadow system for the past 5 years. The system focuses on picking winning selections that can produce consistent wins, and consistent profits. It is simple and easy to implement, and it’s also the first time Neville is releasing the system to the public.

The system teaches you everything that you need to know to start profiting from horse racing. Everything is laid out in a clear, straightforward, and easy to understand manner. The methods are explained step by step through the video guide and written guide. He goes over all the steps of his winning formula so that you know exactly how every aspect of Follower Shadow works.

Follower Shadow Stand Out Features

Some of the features that stand out in this program are:

• The “LIVE” Winning Formula
• High strike rate
• Small one time payment
• Low stakes startup
• No betting knowledge is necessary
• Works with UK horse racing
• Suitable for professionals and newbies
• Doesn’t take a lot of time per day

I recommend this horse race betting formula to anyone that wants a proven and guaranteed horse racing system that has worked for others, and will work for them too.

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