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Second Chance Romance Review

by Zach on September 16, 2011

Second Chance Romance is an e-book that will show you how to avoid mistakes and get your ex to fall back in love with you. The Second Chance Romance system was created by Jason Hicks, an underground breakup expert. In this e-book he will show you some “almost illegal psychological mind control” tactics that can be used to help you build your previous relationship back up into a strong and lasting relationship.

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If you have ever taken any psychology classes in high school or college, or read any self-help books, you have most likely heard of Neuro-linguistic programming. This is also widely known as NLP, or hypnosis and is covered in Second Chance Romance. The concept that Jason Hicks teaches you is a powerful system that incorporates these techniques. It will also show you how to recognize mistakes you make in the past, and how to use the techniques to help bring back your romantic relationship between you and your ex.

The beginning of the e-book talks about what you shouldn’t do to get your ex back. In my opinion, this is one of the most important parts of Second Chance Romance. Getting your ex back is counterintuitive. Things that you think would work to get your ex to come back to your, can drive them away further. Many of our natural inclinations will just not work, and will make you look desperate.

So, the author of this e-book lays out his step by step system that will rekindle their romantic interest in you (even if you’ve made mistakes already). There is some excellent information that will teach you about how to apologize correctly, which could literally be worth the price of the entire course.

Getting Your Ex Back Is Only The Beginning of Second Chance Romance

Actually succeeding in getting you ex back is only the beginning of Second Chance Romance. Next the book will show you how to build a strong relationship so that you can prevent a future break up. The e-book goes over the three most important factors that you need to know to keep your relationship moving forward.

Most of the e-book deals with emotional triggers, and psychological techniques which are very compelling, because they work through emotion, not through reasoning. Some could perceive this as unethical, but it is nonetheless effective.

I highly recommend this e-book if you are truly committed to restoring a loving relationship between you and your ex. If you really believe that it is in the best interest of you both to pursue a lasting relationship with each other then you should definitely get Second Chance Romance.

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