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FarmVille Secrets Review

by Alex on July 2, 2011

FarmVille is an online game made extremely popular by Facebook. I actually got into it and I was passing all my friend’s levels very quickly. How did I do it? I used FarmVille Secrets by T. Dub. This guide was absolutely amazing, especially when I didn’t know how to play. In this FarmVille Secrets review I’ll go over exactly what is included in your guide.

I started FarmVille because my best friend and brother were both playing and they wanted me to play with them so that I could be their neighbors. My friend was 55 when I started and my brother was 47. I felt really far behind, so I asked them how they got so high. Both told me that they just played and planted and played and planted until they leveled up. This wasn’t good enough for me because I wanted to catch up the them and get as rich as they were. I searched and searched and eventually landed on FarmVille Secrets by T. Dub. I purchased my guide and was extremely happy with the results and the quickness I leveled. I ended up beating them both to 70!

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How does this guide help you level so fast?

Despite what you may think, this guide is not a cheaters paradise. It doesn’t teach you how to cheat at all, but it tells you how you should lay out your farm for maximum experience. This guide teaches you how to make as much money as possible, all while leveling extremely quickly. With this guide you will never see a plant wither or die.

FarmVille Secrets also comes with amazing tables that give you information on every single plant, animal, and item in the game. These are extremely helpful to just about anyone playing the game because it will show you which plants are worth planting and which plants are duds. You also get guides to all of the special holidays too. That way you know how to get each limited edition item during the holiday.

Along with using the guide to help your farm, your neighbors get a little benefit. FarmVille Secrets teaches you how you can maximize experience points by going  utilizing your neighbors farms. By helping out your neighbors you level even faster. This guide teaches you how to do it the most efficiently.

Since this guide has a member’s only area, you will receive free updates for life. If FarmVille is updating, so is your guide. I’m still getting updates, even though I don’t play much anymore.

How much does FarmVille Secrets cost?

FarmVille Secrets is only $27, and I highly recommend purchasing the guide. You will be absolutely amazed at the speed you are leveling. You also get a few bonuses with the main guide. One of the bonuses teaches you how to get FarmCash for free! I thought that this was worth the $27 alone since FarmCash costs so much money.

Overall, if you are looking to level fast and get tons of money, I would definitely recommend this guide. If you are the type of person that likes to level slowly, I wouldn’t recommend this guide to you.

I hope you found my FarmVille Secrets review helpful. Good luck and have fun in FarmVille.

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