how to break 80 review

How To Break 80 Review

by Zach on September 22, 2011

Jack Moorehouse, is the writer and creator of How To Break 80 as well as a prominent golf trainer. This is a guide for those that are getting frustrated with their golf game. It was designed to help teach you how to change your form and swing so that you stop hooking, or slicing the ball. It will also show you techniques on how to drive the ball further.

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The guide starts off, bringing you back to the fundamentals, and helping you remove any bad habits that you might have picked up on the course. In the first chapter, Jack goes over balance.

He also talks about using the perfect grip. Jack stresses that the proper grip is very important, as well as the amount of pressure your hands put on the club. He also will show you how to do drills that will help you find the perfect grip on the club.

How To Break 80 And Shoot Like A Pro goes over your golf rhythm as well. He goes over the proper form for when you are setting up your stance around the ball. It’s important to know that how you line up over a ball is different depending on what club you use, and Jack goes over the exact stance to use, with each club. It also comes with diagrams which make following along with the guide a lot easier.

Another thing I noticed about the guide was that it doesn’t only focus on driving. It goes into how you can develop your short game. Having control of your drives, and iron shots is not enough. As the saying goes, “Driving is for show, putting is for dough”. It’s nice to be able to drive the ball a long way, but How To Break 80 also goes in depth into putting. It goes into detail and teaches you a lot of tips to help improve your short game. There is also another section that is included, which is dedicated to hitting out of sand traps.

What You Get With How To Break 80

4 Proven Techniques to Get You Into the 70′s Instantly: The guide claims that you can learn these techniques in minutes. The author of the guide has struggled to learn these few techniques his entire life, and he gives you step by step instructions show you you exactly what to do with your swing.

Shotmaking Secrets: He shows you exactly how to draw and fade the ball on command. This can be critical when you want to bend your ball around trees. Only knowing how to slice, or fade the ball individually isn’t enough to develop a solid game. Your score will definitely improve if you learn how to both draw and fade the ball from How To Break 80.

The Simple Formula for Short Game Shots (New): Jack teaches you one big lesson that he learned which help simplify his short game.

Secrets to Reading Greens Properly (New): It’s so incredibly frustrating when you hit a putt with perfect speed and perfect distance, but you have read the line completely wrong. This section he unveils how to read greens so that you can judge exactly how a ball will break.

How to Handle Bad Shots (New): This section of How To Break 80 was also recently added. He talks about how some people are emotionally ruined for an entire day after they hit a bad shot. Jack shows you a bulletproof method that will help you handle a bad shot, and turn it into an opportunity to learn, and move forward.

How To Break 80 Real Testimonials

There are a lot more sections to How To Break 80 which I simply didn’t have room for in this review. If you want to read more about what you get when you purchase the program, use the link below. That link will also give you the lowest price available on the Internet where you can purchase the golf program. After you purchase it, you will be able to download everything immediately.

Overall, How To Break 80 is a must read for anyone who is looking for a serious guide to improve their golf game. The program itself has expanded to be a wealth of information that in my opinion is worth more than the actual price of the guide. The diagrams, drills, tips, and bonuses that come with the guide definitely make it worth it.

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