income hybrid review

Income Hybrid Review

by David on August 5, 2011

Hey guys, this is my review of Income Hybrid, a new software program that has been designed to allow you to use the power of viral marketing, combined with social media, to generate massive affiliate profits, while simultaneously building an email list. The software was developed by the Ponna brothers, Paul Ponna, and Sid Ponna. It is a high quality coaching and software program that has been created to tap into the biggest traffic sources on the Internet.

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The importance of building your list in today’s online market has never been bigger. If you have a list, you literally have the ability to send out one email that could make you a huge chunk of money, depending on the size of your email list. That is why list building is one of the main aspects of Income Hybrid.

Income Hybrid Software Modules

The first software module talks about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and the basic of the course. For those of us that are experienced in affiliate marketing, you can just browse through this information as a refresher. But for those that are new to affiliate marketing, this module will get you up to speed about online marketing, and affiliate marketing very quickly.

The second software module is the Income Hybrid Software. This software makes it easier to choose a profitable niche. It makes the process of niche selection a lot faster. You can base your decision off of what interests you have, and what kind of goals you have in online marketing.

The third software is the List Hybrid Software. This is the software that will help you build your list. This module shows you the most effective way to quickly build a huge list of hungry buyers, that will buy from you again and again. It will show you how to get a list of buyers that trust you, and how to keep them so they buy from you for life.

Income Hybrid Is About Viral Marketing

There have been so many courses released this year teaching about auto-blogging, SEO, and search engine marketing, but barely any have focused on viral marketing. This is why Income Hybrid is a lot different from other online education programs. It teaches you about how you can use Facebook and other viral sources to build a huge list of subscribers, and then monetize those subscribers with targeted affiliate products and CPA offers.

The software goes over how to set up the Income Hybrid program. It also shows you how to create Facebook fan pages, and integrate your autoresponder in you fan pages. It will also show you how you can sign up as a partner with Amazon and eBay, as well as teach you how to make banners with your Clickbank link embedded in them.

If you are looking for a course that will help you drive huge amounts of viral traffic, and teach you how to monetize that traffic, and build a list, then Income Hybrid is the way to go. Use the link below to receive the lowest price on Income Hybrid.

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