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iWinbuttons Review

by Alex on August 1, 2011

Welcome to my honest, unbiased iWinbuttons review.

iWinbuttons is a product designed to help your World of Warcraft gameplay with keybindings and macros. The macros and keybindings found in this product are specifically for endgame PvP and PvE. Do these actually make your gameplay better? Keep reading for my full iWinbuttons review.

iWinbuttons is extremely useful when playing World of Warcraft and it is well worth the purchase, but I’ve tried out a bunch of different WoW products and I would have to say Lvl 86 is a better product than iWinbuttons. It’s basically the same concept with the macros and keybindings, except they were more useful and easier to understand. If you were thinking about purchasing iWinbuttons, I would recommend purchasing Lvl 86 instead.

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What is iWinbuttons and what is included in the purchase?

iWinbuttons was made to help give people an advantage and teach people how to play World of Warcraft. The product comes with a list of keybind and macro templates for each class and different styles of play. Some are for PvPers, while some are for PvEers. These macros were designed by a player of over 6 years, Randall Bennett.

The iWinbuttons product comes with a useful keyboard layout for each different setup. This is extremely useful for learning all the new keybindings on your character. You will also get details as to why each button is placed where it is and what each one does. The templates come on PDF’s, which I found useful because you can print them out and have them right in front of you while playing.

The macros are meant to make you play your character faster and better because it reduces the time between moves. The PvP macros were especially useful in iWinbuttons because when playing against other people you have to think a lot quicker than normal. With the iWinbuttons you reduce the delay between abilities, giving you the upper hand.

With the iWinbuttons purchase you get a guide that teaches you how to level your character. It’s around 200 pages long, but it’s not a top of the line leveling guide. It’s just meant to keep you on track and not waste time while leveling. The leveling guide is an alright guide and I thought it was pretty cool how they threw this in there completely for free.

I said before that I thought Lvl 86 was better than iWinbuttons, and this is completely true. I tested both of these products out and found that Lvl 86 had better macros, keybinds, and addons than iWinbuttons had. The keyboard templates were also a lot easier to follow and were a lot more detailed in Lvl 86. Definitely check out Lvl 86 if you want to get an extraordinary marcos and keybindings guide.

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Would you recommend iWinbuttons?

I would definitely recommend iWinbuttons, but I would definitely recommend Lvl 86 over this. iWinbuttons is great, and you won’t be disappointed in your purchase, but I just think that Lvl 86 was the better product. iWinbuttons will definitely help you when raiding, making gold, or when trying to increase your PvP rank. Once you get used to all the macros and keybinds you will be playing like a pro.

If you found this iWinbuttons review helpful let me know with a comment below. If you have experience with iWinbuttons also fill out a comment below and let me know how it went.

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