lotto black book review

Lotto Black Book Review

by Zach on July 28, 2011

Hey guys, this is my honest review of the Lotto Back Book. The lotto system was created by Larry Blair who had a very interesting, and quite scary story. He was attacked and threatened to be killed if he didn’t tell two criminals how he had won the lottery three times in a row. How he did it is explained in the actual e-book itself known as Lotto Black Book.

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Larry was walking out of the mall when everything happened. He was attacked by two masked men, and held at gunpoint. They weren’t interested in stealing his money, but rather getting the secret that he held that made him win the lottery three times in a row. He acted purely on instinct and told them that he would need 30 minutes with the men, a sheet of paper and a pen. So the criminals decided to kidnap Larry until an ambulance came into the parking lot. This scared them and Larry took off running. He was shot in the leg, but was still able to run on adrenaline. He finally stumbled into the street where he was able to ask for help.

Larry is a mathematics professor and has been passionate about math and statistics since he was young. He played the lotto for years without any luck but was intrigued about finding a lotto system that would allow him to win the lottery whenever he wanted.

It took him eight years of playing with the numbers but he soon won $200,000 one day. He predicted all 6 numbers correctly. He had discovered the lotto pattern. He later won $125,000, and in May 2007 hit a million dollar jackpot.

Why Is Larry Blair Giving Away Lotto Blackbook?

There are three reasons he decided to put all his secrets to winning the lottery in a book.

1. He wanted to give people the chance to change their lives by giving them the ability to get themselves out of debt and even get them rich.

2. He hates lotteries, and knows how they rip people off as they reap the huge commissions during each drawing. This book gives him the chance to get back at the lotteries.

3. Sharing his secrets to a limited number of people will keep him out of trouble, so that the bad guys can find his book, and won’t go after him anymore.

He was originally banned by a publishing company because he was going to publish his secrets so that people could buy The Lotto Black Book. The manager of the publishing company told him that he would end up being responsible for helping all the people who buy his book, make money from lotteries, which could open them up to the same type of attacks. This is why publishers from around the country denied him a book deal. So he decided to share his secrets to a select group of people on the internet.

It is available in electronic format, and is written in English. It is in PDF format so that it can be easily printed out into a book if you want. He is only selling 1,000 copies of the book so that only a few people have the chance to get their hands on his proven methods to winning the lottery. I would recommend getting the system through the link below (which will give you the lowest price) and acting fast because 1,000 copies will most likely sell out fast.

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