Quit Smoking Today review

Quit Smoking Today Review

by Alex on August 1, 2011

Welcome to my honest, unbiased Quit Smoking Today review.

If you have landed on this page you are probably trying to stop smoking. Lucky for you Quit Smoking Today was created for people like you, and it’s a great choice when trying to stop smoking. Keep reading for my complete Quit Smoking Today review.

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What is Quit Smoking Today and what is included in the purchase?

Quit Smoking Today is a product that helps people quit smoking, (if you couldn’t tell by the name), designed by Rob Mellor, a Neuro-Listic-Programming expert. He saw how smoking was affecting, not only the smokers, but also the people around them, and wanted to help people quit. He created Quit Smoking Today and tested it out on 5,000 smokers to make sure it was completely legit. Quit Smoking Today worked on 97.2 percent of the people, which is 4,860 out of 5,000. He then released Quit Smoking Today to the public, so that everyone can quit smoking.

The way Quit Smoking Today works is actually pretty simple. You get an audio file with your purchase that you pop into your mp3 player or iPod, and listen to it. The recording is only 38 minutes long and that’s all you have to do. It kind of seems too good to be true, but this definitely works.

Probably the best thing about Quit Smoking Today, besides being able to quit smoking, is that you can quit without those nasty side-effects. Yup, with Quit Smoking Today you will not be going through withdrawal. It has been proven to work without withdrawal symptoms and is rated the best quit smoking product on the market because of this.

The health benefits will start almost as soon as you stop smoking. Literally. After 20 minutes of not smoking your blood pressure, pulse rate, and body temperature return back to normal. After 8 hours smoker’s breath disappears, and after 3 days the chance of having a heart attack has been reduced. And the benefits just keep piling on from there.

Would you recommend Quit Smoking Today?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this product according to my Quit Smoking Today review. This product has such a high success rate that it would be almost impossible to turn down if you are looking to stop smoking. It’s been one of the most popular options to stop smoking and it’s so simple. You just listen an mp3! The best part is you will have zero withdrawal symptoms while using this product. Overall, I highly recommend anyone that wants to quit smoking to try out Quit Smoking Today.

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