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Storm Horse System Review

by Zach on July 2, 2011

The Storm Horse System is a horse racing betting system that was just launched, and is wildly popular in Great Britain. Stanley Oliver Rose is the creator of the Storm Horse System. It is the most popular horse racing product, because it’s one of the only successful, working betting systems for horse racing.

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The system lays out the instructions that you need to pick out informed selections for the races throughout the day that give you the best statistical chances of winning.

The Creator of the Storm Horse System

Stanley, the creator of the system is a person who has been around horse racing his entire life. His family raised and trained horses. He used to visit his grandmother in Yorkshire and trot around on the thoroughbreds that she owned.

He wanted to become a jockey but with ever increasing height and weight, that dream fell through. He went to the track regularly with his dad, and soon became a regular better at the race tracks. He spent almost all his time at the track placing bets. He won his first bet at age 15. He had won the £45 after making a few calculations, and from then on he never turned back.

He spent hours ever single day watching races, analyzing the data from the races, and learning how to look at races in a different way. Stanley always says, “Looking at races in a different way is the key to making a profit.”

He eventually upgraded and started to bet on Betfair, and quickly stacked up a hefty £135,274.50. His father passed away in January 2011, but not before he had worked hard enough to refine his betting system to its maximum profitability.

Stanley has seen all of the other betting systems start to come out, and thought they were all crap systems that used no logic, while he made £2,000 a month from the system he and his father perfected. You can get instant access to the Storm Horse System through the button below.

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